2mile2good presents The Paul Paul Comedy Night

. Two Mile Bay Sailing Club , Taupō [Ages 18+]

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2mile2good Presents The Paul Paul Comedy Show
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Two of NZ’s best standup comedians are hitting the road together for ‘The
Paul Paul Comedy Night’ - a 2 hour showcase of world class comedy from
easily the best Pauls in the business.
The shows feature “NZ’s Top Professional Comedian” PAUL EGO, a legend of
stage and small screen. Ego has over 25 years comedy experience and is a
much in-demand live performer. His rapid wit as an MC and feature act comic
has seen him described as 'The Master of Improv'. He is also well known from
his years on the hit TV comedy panel show ‘7DAYS’ and as the voice of one of
NZ’s leading large yellow supermarkets.
Ego will be joined by “gifted and hilarious comedian” PAUL DOUGLAS. One of
the busiest live comics in the country, Douglas was the winner of ‘Best Live
Show’ and ‘Best Gag’ at the 2019 NZ Comedy Guild Awards. Put simply, as it
was in one particular review, Paul is “just a dude with a microphone being
incredibly funny” If you haven’t already caught him on ‘7DAYS’, ‘THE PROJECT’
or the ‘TVNZ BEST FOODS COMEDY GALA’ then this is your chance to catch
Paul Douglas live.
‘The Paul Paul Comedy Night’ is a show where both Pauls are the feature act.
Each night they’ll draw straws or sausages or whatever else is close by, to
decide who goes first and who goes second. Regardless of the order, rest
assured that Paul will definitely be the best act of the night.
coming to a venue either near you, or near someone you know.
Book early to avoid disappointment & embarrassment.

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