The Art of Receiving More

Ages 18+
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The Art of Receiving More - Self Clearing Workshop and Group Energy Healing for Receiving More

You are invited to this 90min Online Workshop and Group Energy Healing with Jo Kempton. 

Experience the softness and gentleness of Jo Kempton’s work as she shares her two favourite energy clearing methods and facilitates a group energy healing to support everyone present to receive more of what their heart desires.

Whether you long to receive more Abundance, Support, Love, Relationships, Friendships or perhaps an addition to your family in the form of a New Baby, this is for you.

For those who are prone to anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion, this is an opportunity to let yourself be held in soft and nurturing support.

Receiving space and time to receive this group energy healing will allow your nervous system to be recalibrated to a new level of ease.

Learning Jo's 2 favourite self clearing methods will support you to rise to new levels of receptivity.

Practicing self clearing techniques will make you more fully resourced to offer yourself daily support.

With 9 years of experience in her energy healing work, Jo has seen the remarkable magic that is possible when we release the past and step into the present. Jo refers to this calmness, when our nervous system is at ease and we are fully present as: ‘The Shining Feeling’.

Jo's ultimate self care guidance has been forged and refined as a result of her life experiences. She has observed for herself and those she supports, that in The Shining Feeling, life becomes like beautiful music which we conduct for ourselves.

Jo is known for being a very kind, soft spoken and gentle leader. She encourages us to receive at all new levels with ease. Her presence creates an atmosphere of peace and her own journey moving out of chronic over giving tendencies has given her a powerful presence that reminds us all we can put some things down to really lighten our lives.

The intention for this time is to support you to open to receive at all new levels.

This event is limited to 50 people.
The event will be recorded and the recording link will be sent out following the event.

Thursday 18th July

12 to 130pm

Zoom link will be sent

Your favourite Journal and Pen or a simple piece of paper and pencil
A pendulum if you have one 
or purchase here Shop | Jo Kempton (
or make one yourself with this guide
or you can feel free to simply observe and take it in without using a pendulum - whatever suits you best.