Air ≋ 07: Nitin / Silky / Halo + Delivery x Outcast Torino

. Bogart House, Brooklyn

Early Bird
US$10.00 (excl. Fees)
1st Release
US$15.00 (excl. Fees)
Free Before 10pm

Air ≋ 07
A new rooftop series in the heart of East Williamsburg.

Nitin [No. 19 - Toronto]
Silky [Dialogue, No. 19 - LA]
Halo Varga [NG Trax, Muted Noise - LA]

Sunset Dinner by Delivery. 7-11pm
Outcast Torino Showcase featuring
Alex Dima [Outcast Torino, Coordinate - IT]
Bakked [Outcast Torino, Coordinate - IT]

Nourishing Dinner by Madhi Food
Invigorating Herbal Tonics by Have a Nice Daisy
Wellness Sweets by Gnosis Chocolate & Space Grade Labs
Art Exhibition, Vendors and more