AUM ॐ - Winter Solstice Gathering - Flower Power

. Studio The Venue , Auckland [Ages 18+]

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It's time to tune in, turn on and drop out baby...

AUM ॐ NZ’s Biggest most outrageously colourful midwinter psychedelic gathering is back with the finest offerings of cutting edge electronic and live music over multiple rooms of mind-bending artistic wonder & extraordinary creativity. A party that looks and feels like no other in the land. Join our family in an outrageously 60's hippy flower power themed dance off!...
You dig?

Check the video from last years `Undersea Forest' here:


Doors 7.30.
R18 r.o.a.r.
Prizes for best costumes.
Expect hugs and LOADS OF COLOUR!
VIP-free zone. We are one

Make LOVE not war!

Stunning world class art, décor, visuals & lighting + live art

Cutting edge dj sets weaving a sophisticated journey over multiple rooms by our Guests & Aum residents - Details to follow

Live artist raffle on site (Please bring $5 cash in hand to be in to win the original painting) - Artist Details to follow

If you have been to Aum before, thank you so much for your beautiful vibes, love, energy and support… can’t wait to see you all again. If you have never been to Aum, come meet the family. We do things our way and with a whole lot of love. We do not follow trends, do anything just because it’s popular or compare our shows to others, we just set our own bar each time and do our art. We are for the misfits. The indigo children. The artists. The lovers. .
We are one.

OVER 65 and want to join the party? We would love you to and will not charge you a cent to do so. Please email us for details. Photo i.d required. [email protected]

Give PEACE a chance...


Have a beautiful day

AUM Productions - ॐ

  1. Kathryn M
  2. Caroline W
  3. Blaise T
  4. Sammie L
  5. Rana S
  6. Hamish B
  7. Nadine L
  8. Jérémy C
  9. Samuel S
  10. Mitchell A
  11. Laura B
  12. Michelle S
  13. Michael E
  14. Tarun N
  15. Mariela V
  16. Helena M
  17. Stan C
  18. Claude G