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548 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Celebrating Taoist music,
movement, medicine,
ritual, literature, games,
art and philosophy.

7:00 PM  Ariel Maayan
/ Tui Shou
8:00 PM  Alex Medel
/ Tai Chi
9:00 PM  Sean T Fox / Qigong
10:00 PM  Jacob Chinn / Qigong

Xiao Zhang
/ Pipa
Sophia Shu Wang / Violin
Phoenix Mei
 / Guzheng
Ember Luna / Guzheng & Dance


8:30 PM Manu Butterworth / Fengshui
9:30 PM  Rachael Henrichsen
/ Zhouyi (Yi Jing)

7:00 PM  Jun Jun Li / Caligraphy
7:30 PM  oshan anand / Wei-chi (Go)
9:30 PM  oshan anand / Taoist Poetry
Tea Tribe / Gongfu Tea
The Center SF / Snacks

for Center Camp Teahouse at Burning Man.
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Xiao Zhang - Pipa Music
Immerse yourself in the captivating Pipa artistry of Xiao Zhang as she shares the profound beauty of this ancient instrument. Prepare to be captivated by the unique sounds that emanate from the Pipa, as Xiao’s heartfelt performance blends tradition and innovation. Let the tranquil melodies transport you to a place of serenity.
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Phoenix Mei - Guzheng Music
Phoenix Mei is a musician, mystic, and prayerformer, specializing in musical medicine through her ancient Chinese Guzheng, heartfelt vocals and spirited dance. She is a creative consultant, and teaches expressions of the heart and the JOY of BEing.
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Sophia Shu Wang
- Violin
Sophia Shu Wang is a classical crossover / electronic violinist, and music psychotherapist. 20 years of classical training from China to NYC laid the technical foundation, and music psychotherapy training helped her cultivate creativity, curiosity, and diversity in her music creation. She will be playing traditional Chinese music on the violin.
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Ember Luna
- Guzheng Music & Chinese fusion dance
Ember (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist with almost two decades of experience with the guzheng and movement arts, rooted in Chinese classical/folk dance. Ember invites you to appreciate the beauty of traditional Chinese music and fusion fan dance and experience the versatility of the Chinese zither.
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Jacob Chinn
- Healing Qigong & Soul Coaching
Touch all of your organs gently and with ease and release the emotions and patterns that get stuck there. Accelerate down your path by liberating your Qi from stagnation. Apply your renewed flow to goals and achievements that you long for.
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Melissa "Alex" Medel - Tai Chi
Melissa "Alex" Medel debuted her official teaching career for San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department in 2016. After being granted an official authorization to teach from Simmone Kuo, headmaster of Lien Ying Tai Chi Chuan Academy, one of the oldest Tai Chi studios in Chinatown, San Francisco, Alex began teaching in recreation centers all across SF. Within the next few years, she would dedicate thousands of hours teaching Tai Chi, teaching within city departments as well, such as libraries, the police department and City Hall. Now she dedicates time growing her programs in the Bay Area and helping her clients achieve better health through movement. We will be learning steps 1 and 2 of the 64 Step Tai Chi form brought to the United States by Sifu Kuo Lien Ying in 1965. This rare form of Tai Chi Chuan has roots dating back to the Song dynasty. Accompanied with practice with stances, chi sau and meditation, people will feel empowered and connected with each other.
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Rachael Henrichsen
- Understanding the Zhouyi (aka Yi Jing/Book of Changes)
We will enter into approaches to divination and the wisdom held in understanding the way in which things change, using this 2,500 year old text.
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Sean T Fox
- Daoist 5 Element Qigong 
Join Sean T Fox for Daoist Qigong to bridge the wisdom and science of Five Element theory into our embodied experience. We will breathe, stretch and flow through this ancient medicine in action to explore the alchemy of movement, breath and meditation.
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Ariel Maayan - Tui Shuo (Push Hands)
Ariel Maayan is Zhengyi Taoist priest, Dragon's Gate disciple, and doctor of Medical Qigong. He will be leading a workshop on Tui Shuo (push-hands), a traditional Chinese martial arts practice associated with Tai Chi. This partner game that functions as a diagnostic, therapeutic, and to identify and clear internal blockages while learning proficiency as a martial artist.
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Jun Jun Li - Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy
This class will cover not only the writing techniques, but also the stories/spirit of the Characters along with Chinese Culture and history. Time in between allowed for practice, questions, and context with the teacher. Walk away with your own calligraphic art, and a jewel of knowledge to inform your practice. Jun-Jun would love to share some of the Chinese/Japanese characters and the spirits behind them.
"When I sit to write calligraphy, it is a moment of coming to the center. I keep my mind still and become attentive to the feeling of the brush in my hand. The brush becomes an extension of my body, as the strokes take form with grace."
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Manu Butterworth
- Intro to Traditional Chinese Fengshui
Manu Butterworth is Founding Director of Golden Gate Fengshui School. Manu has over 20 years experience working in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and as an international feng shui consultant. He works privately with individuals as well as with architects, builders, realtors, designers, and other professionals. He has studied Traditional Chinese Feng Shui with Liu Ming, Howard Choy, Alex Stark, William Spear, and Richard Feather Anderson. 
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oshan anand
- The Tao of Wei-chi (Go)
This is an introduction to the ancient game of Wei-chi (Go). Oshan will explore the deep connections between Wei-chi and Taoism, highlighting how the game embodies Taoist principles. oshan learned and taught wei-chi while in federal prison for psychedelics.
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oshan anand
- Taoist Poetry
oshan teaches a course called Mysticism Through Poetry, which he developed and taught to over 100 inmates during his 7+ year Federal prison sentence for psychedelics. During this session, Oshan will share verses from the Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing) and classic Taoist poets, including Li Po (Li Bai), Tao Yuanming (Tao Qian), and Wang Wei.

Tea Tribe - Gongfu Tea
All-you-can-drink free gourmet tea service for the duration the event, served gongfu style.
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