Brüt Party Chicago - Market Days

. 3641 N Halsted St , Chicago [Ages 21+]

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Over 20 lasers and a huge production are ready to RADIATE as we UNLEASH the most SENSATIONAL Display of Market days in Chicago’s History this Friday Right in BOYSTOWN!

The BRÜT party, Chicago’s favorite Sell-Out event is excited to kick off the biggest gay summer festival weekend in Chicago, Market Days. Back to our naughty seedy haunts at Fantasy Night Club, we will not only be the closest party happening to the festival (Right in Boystown), but we will also be the sexiest and most satisfying!


ALIENS ATTACK!!!! We are being invaded by MARS. And on MARKET DAYS no less. They must have been watching us closely to know our streets would be packed that weekend. They are cunning and hyperintelligent. It has also been learned; they walk among us. So do not be fooled and trust no one!!!


We are ready for you to board this sci-fi BRÜT MOTHER-SHIP as we take it to the skies to defend our sexual liberation against these suppressing ALIEN invaders. Our very way of life is threatened as they attempt to take away our HOUSE MUSIC and dancing. We must hit them with EVERYTHING we got! Huge Production, Lights, Lasers, Underground Vocal Tech House Music, and the SEXIEST Go-Go Dancers in the state!! We are right on HALSTED STREET, so our venue is the best suited to protect the people, and we must be victorious!


With resident DJ Dan Darlington who stole the show during IML bringing some heavenly bodies and debuting at the BRÜT Party DJ Blacklow who puts Mo’ back into cosmos. HOUSE MUSIC will once again rule the night at BRÜT.




Attendees must be 18+ with valid photo ID.

Dan Darlington

Fantasy Night Club
3641 N Halsted Street
Friday August 5th, 2022
Doors 10pm-4am


  1. Bret S
  2. Harshvardhan P
  3. Beaux B
  4. Chubi A
  5. Jonathan R
  6. Ian H
  7. Andrew O
  8. Saul G
  9. George N
  10. Alisdair M
  11. Jeffrey H
  12. Jordan M
  13. Vin Vin B