Brut Bunkr Wilton Manor Eagle

. Eagle Wilton Manors , Wilton Manors [Ages 21+]

Early Bird Ticket
US$ 12 (incl. Fees)


BRÜT at the Wilton Manors Eagle is a pair made in heaven. NYC's longest running underground gear party makes its sweaty second trip to the sunshine state.

This weekend, come get sweaty, friendly, and familiar with the BRÜT boys! Get lost inside this perfect hunting ground of a dark, foggy dance floor with amazing NYC underground house, and some of the hottest man meat this city can supply!

Come join the BRÜT brotherhood as we take you on a sultry journey into the darkness of high energy House Music with the hot bodies!


Dan Darlington

Doug Jackson

Wilton Manors Eagle

2209 Wilton Dr

Doors at 9pm