Brut LA Halloween Satyromania

. Don Quixote , Los Angeles [Ages 21+]

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Los Angeles Brüt Halloween-SATYROMANIA 10/30

ONLINE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT. We will have limited tickets at the door based on real time capacity and we will do our best to accommodate everyone!




1 in a man, a mania for frequent, continued sexual intercourse.

Prepare to be committed into the Asylum. Your impulses cannot be quelled. Your urges relentless. The doctor has prescribed shock therapy, and we have just the nurses to deliver. We unshackle the freaks, as the nurses hook you up machine after machine, to burn impurity from your sick and twisted minds. DJs Dan Darlington and Abel will unbuckle those straps and release you to the demons in the psyche of these degenerate perverts.

This is how BRÜT does Halloween. Forgo the wings and wands, slut it up as we tie you up. We will be dancing and sweating all night so less is more and it is easier to place the straitjacket. Do you dare enter the mind of a mad man hellbent on copulation and lust for this DEVIL’S NIGHT. We are transforming Don Quixote into a nightmare of the insane with over the top production, lights and LASERS.

DJs: Abel & Dan Darlington

2811 E Olympic BLVD

Doors 10pm-4am

Proof of full covid vaccination required - Photo on phone acceptable.

  1. Christopher D
  2. Chad B
  3. Jonathan W
  4. Farhan K
  5. Michael H
  6. Joey N
  7. Daniel H
  8. Eduardo P
  9. Steven C
  10. Glauber Lucas L
  11. David Y
  12. Ulises G
  13. Shane H
  14. Quang L
  15. Andrew G
  16. Rogelio E
  17. Alexander C
  18. Eduardo C
  19. Jerome C
  20. Princeton R