Chakra Dance

. Te Atatū Peninsula Community Centre and Library , Auckland [Ages 15+]

Chakra Dance Westharbour
NZ$ 7 (incl. Fees)


This is a safe space where we will get together and dance through the 7 chakras.

This dance is not a structured dance, but with movement that comes from within.

Chakra Dance is a guided movement/journey from myself where we will feel the music in our inner world then express it to our outer world � 

Stagnant energy gets stuck throughout your body, this dance is very healing and puts you into a meditative state provided you aren't in your head and allow yourself to get out of that space and just free flow. 

Bank transfers welcome. Please contact me for account details. 

What to expect:We will start the session off with a protection prayer to keep us safe during our opening.*Warmup with kundalini chakra yoga sequence (grounding - root - earth)*Dance movement to move blocked energy throughout the body - (Sacral, Water, flow) (Solar Plexus - Power, fire)* Breathwork with shamanic drum (Heart opening - Air)*Humming through the chakras (Throat opening)*Guided Chakra Meditation (Third eye)*Sound healing, crystal chakra bowls (Crown)*Journaling if you feel called For our free 1 hour session held once a week in person in West Harbour Auckland please bring the followingWater, yoga mat, blanket, journal, pen, wear comfortable clothing.