Cross St Music Festival

. Cross Street , Auckland [All ages]

Low Wage, No Wage , Student Price
Sold Out
Single Ticket
NZ$ 35 (excl. Fees)
Group Of 3 Discount
NZ$ 30 (excl. Fees)

Sales for this event are closed.

Cross St Music Festival established in 2019, brings together a one day open air.. totally 100% NZ homegrown music lineup.

Situated one street behind Karangahape Rd in our beloved Cross St

A music festival for the people of K'RD district and Auckland, keeping the heart and soul of what is one of Auckland's most loved areas in a time of great change..

This year we celebrate 2020 with a special experiential event

Prepare yourself for adventure into a galaxy far away …

In the year 2020 Cross St Music Festival will be transporting you through a portal at warp speed to an outpost on Mars

Life on Mars,  protected from harmful rays and meteor showers, there will be entertainment and food trucks Miso Ra, So Toasted, Nice Iceblocks, Top House Dumplings

Refreshments from our bar

- Broken Shed Vodka, McLeods brewery, Framingham wines, Seltzers, Pals, Sip Sangria, Redbull, NZ Artisian water

Dress - in your finest intergalactic attire or come as you are, there will be makeup and adornment available

Line up confirmed with more announcements coming soon

Same Name Confusion

The Leers ( Tauranga)

Edie (WGT)


Cindy  ( AKL)

The Bats ....( CHCH, DUN)

Church and AP  ( AKL)

Leaping Tiger and guests to be announced (AKL)

Dj's Isaac Tucker and Mr Big Stuff and some special guest appearances


Early bird $25

Second tier  buy two tickets $95 bring a mate

Third tier $50

Door sales $65

R18 we will have a no pass-out door so make your self comfortable and enjoy the show.

Normal bag checks and ID checks on arrival as expected.

We will not tolerate any invaders of a positve vibe

Anyone causing harm to any patrons physically or mentally will be deported from Mars, please notify staff immediately we have security to assist you with no judgement.

There is a designated chill out area so please use this to recharge with free water and comfortable seating.

A peaceful festival to create harmony and unity,  please respect each other, and most importantly dance like no ones watching !

  1. Niels E
  2. Paul C
  3. Selene C
  4. Wayne B
  5. Emmett F
  6. Alea C
  7. Tereza B
  8. Mandy B
  9. Tom V
  10. Abigail A
  11. Christina M
  12. Jack H
  13. Noon A
  14. Sylvia M
  15. Megan V
  16. Olivia C
  17. MORGAN P