Dedicated Listening feat. Dublab with DJ Kerry

. NeueHouse Hollywood , Los Angeles [All Ages]

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From June 23 – Aug 21, the team behind In Sheep’s Clothing will host a series of dedicated listening sessions four nights a week at Neuehouse.

After more than a year of forced isolation, creating spaces to share experiences with friends, family, and our local community seems more important than ever. We truly miss the listening sessions we were able to share at the In Sheep’s Clothing hi-fi bar in the Arts District. Our desire has always been to make a place to share music and build a community around the ceremony of deep listening.

Since shuttering the bar in March, 2020 we’ve been patiently waiting for another opportunity to share music with everyone. That time has arrived. We’re excited to announce that starting on June 23rd, we’ll open the first of many popup listening experiences. We’ve partnered with Neuehouse Hollywood to transform their penthouse floor into a dedicated listening space with the intention of once again creating moments around shared listening.


  • Graham LS5/8 Loudspeakers Ebony
  • EAR 509 Mono Tube Amps
  • EAR 912 Linestage and Phono Preamplifier
  • Simaudio Moon 310LP Phono Stage
  • Garrard 301 Turntable w/ Vinylista Plinth
  • Thomas Schick Tonearm, Headshell & Cartridge

The indoor room will be designed for dedicated listenings on a top-tier hi-fidelity sound system constructed by our friends at Commonwave hi-fi. The outdoor environment will provide a casual hangout space with cocktails, wine, and food.

Dedicated listening sessions will be hosted by ISC staff along with members from our extended family in the analog space — tastemakers from vinyl digging communities, the hi-fi world and music-focused businesses. Each night will offer different programming around classic albums, artists, musical movements, and audiophile equipment/pressings.

As was tradition at the ISC listening bar, all sessions will focus on full album sides. Before each program, guests will fill the seats of the indoor listening space and will be encouraged to stay for the full duration of the recording. New guests will be allowed to enter after each session.

Visit our events page for more information and info on how to RSVP.

Dublab is a non-profit online radio station broadcasting out of Los Angeles for over 21 years. Their mission is to share freeform radio with an international audience. More than 300,000 international listeners connect to our streams and podcasts monthly.

The Basement LA show, hosted by DJ Kerry, features music from around the world that may give you a little shoulder shake or head nod, but mostly a groove. It’s an intimate experience of beloved music from deep diggers, opened up for the enjoyment of any listener from any background. This show moves in all directions from disco to house to reggae.