Electric Timber

. Tokoroa Club Incorporated , Tokoroa

General Admission
33.00 NZ$ (incl. Fees)

Electric Timber Vol. 2

After the first successful sell-out Electric Timber Vol 1. the team is back for Vol 2. Electric Timber is the newest regional electronic music event that brings big city music to small-town venues.
From the DnB, House, Trap, Dubstep. Electric Timber doesn't discriminate genre, we're just here for a good time in the regions.



Artist manager for Too Cut and host of AV club in Auckland. Keegan has been on the scene longer then he likes to admit, once a resident at Back Bar in Hamilton and a regular on 'The Bush Doof' line up. Keegan has a passion for providing a good time and is bound to play tunes that will get you moving.


A Hamilton legend that has made more people sweat than a Les Mills instructor and is far less punishing. Troy has been a resident at The Back Bar for over 5 years now and has played more closing sets then he's had hot meals. He is bound to throw down and show you why he has been doing this for as long as he has.


Tsar is a king in his own right and has taught many of the DJs you have listened to how to DJ. A genre-bending quick mixing freak that can jump between songs better then most will get you on the floor shaking your stuff before you know it. 

  1. Jeremy P
  2. Rory S
  3. Kimi A
  4. Tamara W