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Welcome to Elektrophoria Festival 

From Earth to the ✨stars💫and beyond.
From the waves of 〰sound〰to the waves of your heart🤍
#euphoriaprodj presents their new version of movement #Elektrophoria Festival 3.0 "Party Under The Stars" 🎼 this June 4th 2023.

 Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will take you on a journey from Earth to the stars and beyond.

Join #euphoriaprodj as they present their new version of the movement, offering 10 hours of live EleKtronic music, 2 Stages The Forest & The Chapel with 13 DJs playing everything from House Music to progressive and Dark Techno. 🎵☄ 

Located in the pristine Tauranga Historic Village, our festival will feature two separate stages - The Amphitheatre and the stunning Old Chapel. Surrounded by native trees, lush gardens, numerous artists' designs, food trucks, and bars, our festival offers the perfect opportunity to connect with nature, transcend the essence of music, and experience a new world away from this planet.✨

Throughout the festival, you will connect with the energy of the forest and its complex roots, giving you unique and authentic ancestral knowledge. You will also connect with other dimensions, evoking the energy of your inner self and the multiverse. Our festival offers the perfect opportunity to emancipate the respect and protection of Mother Earth while feeling the vibrations of music, the heartbeat 🤍 of life's transitions, and the calm and peace that comes from the church granting us life after death.
Light up your world, turn on your internal instincts, and come flow with us on this magical journey. Bring your friends and enjoy the energy of the journey that will take you to multiple and parallel dimensions.🪐📡 

Don't miss out on this chance to experience a journey through music to infinity and beyond.

Come and live a unique and astral sensation at Elektrophoria Festival  - "Party Under The Stars" on June 4th, 2023.

Line Up

*Dj Carloose* (Nz) "Carlos is Mount Maunganui based inspired to take his music outside of NZ. He is passionate about creating and curating unique musical experiences through a variety of genres means as deep, organic, melodic, and Indie which takes you on a journey that moves both bodies and hearts. Forever bringing his best to the next performance with a lively and rolling energy to keep everyone on the dancefloor until he's done.

*Hooky* (Nz) "Dj, Producer, and label owner as a part of the Natural Rhythms collective (Electric Orange, Grass Green, Black Sands, and Red Snapper) Hooky has been active in the house music scene for 2 decades. Releases on many different labels local and international, Hooky leans on a lot of musical influences, From NZ dub to the various styles of disco and Deep house. He has supported many legendary internationals from Sonny Fodera to Krafty Kuts, Josh Butler to A. Skillz and many many more" https://www.beatport.com/artist/hooky-nz/1090472

*Joaco Dibbern* (Uru) Uruguayan-born. Joaco loves taking the dancefloor into a journey between genres. Based in Taranaki since 2016 where he loves sharing decks with many djs.  Peak time lover, like an energy drink, he’ll keep you going. Soundcloud:https://on.soundcloud.com/enCsC

*DeepNotic* (CL) Matias Cox aka Deepnotic, began developing his first musical interests at the age of 13 when he began playing drums and guitar. Deepnotic first approach to electronic music was in the year 2004 when he went to his first electronic festival. Shortly after he began mixing psytrance and progressive giving the Chilean scene amazing results with his musical style and dark mixes. In 2009 Matias left for New Zealand where his musical training grew and he installed his first studio where he began producing music. Mostly, Psychedelic Techno and deep atmospheres with subtle minimal tech influences. Deepnotic in this days has released music for Zenon Records, Katayy Records, SoupHerb, Techgnosis, and much more creating his own unique music style. https://on.soundcloud.com/XvUNH

*Nicco* (Arg) "Nicco began his musical journey 10 years ago when he first heard trance music. This introduced him to sounds and melodies that shaped his music career. Today he has a rather low/bpm but still melodic style, ranging from Organic/Progressive House to banging Melodic Techno". Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/nicolas-cordoba-189859126

*Zeca* (BR) Zeca began his DJ career in 2005 when he was living in Brazil and was deeply engaged with electronic music. As he continued to build a diverse music taste and collection, Zeca moved to New Zealand in 2007, where he has resided to this day. Since moving to NZ, Zeca has played at many events, including well-known ones such as Bay Dreams, Electric Rush, Alien Nation and the being a part of the two previous Elektrophoria festivals. Zeca has also been part of the lineups at numerous clubs across the country. Currently, Zeca has held residences at Astrolabe and Miss Gees, two major clubs in the Bay of Plenty, for the past four years. Zeca is well-known for playing a variety of genres, ranging from deep house, disco, and funk to clubhouse and melodic/progressive techno. Expect a lot of energy and groove from his sets. http://Mixcloud.com/zecaledesma

*Chris Silva* (Bra) "Chris Silva was born and raised in the south of Brazil and has been DJing for 15 years. Starting off as a Psytrance DJ, they moved to New Zealand in 2009, and as they continued to live there, their curiosity about other genres grew. They began to explore and play techno, minimal tech, house music, deep house, and organic house and eventually fell in love with Progressive House and Melodic House and Techno. With precision in their mixes and a great taste in music, this DJ's sets are known for creating a happy and powerful vibe that gets people dancing their boots off". SoundCloud https://on.soundcloud.com/MU8es

*Euphoria* (CL) Elektrophoria Festival Director. As a multifaceted artist with a background in DJing, music production, acting, and event management, Euphoria has built a distinguished career in both his home country of Chile and his current base in New Zealand. He is recognized for his ability to blend harmonious melodies with raw, edgy sounds, resulting in a distinctive style that thrives in the midst of darkness. Incorporating minimal techno influences into his work, Euphoria has mastered the art of producing music that is both melodious and tenebrous, yet calming in the midst of any storm. His creative vision and artistic flair have helped him to curate unforgettable events that have captivated audiences around New Zealand. Euphoria's unique artistic sensibilities and impressive portfolio of work make him a standout figure in the music and entertainment industry. Soundcloud https://on.soundcloud.com/HPrar

*Aromat* (Ita) "Roman-born Aromat has spent the last decade delving into underground techno clubs in Via di Portonaccio and the FreeTekno rave scene throughout Southern Europe. Now based in Mt Maunganui, he aims to blend his influences from early 2000s German minimal techno and tribe/hardtek to bring some of that experimental Euro vibe beneath Mauao. So get some bubblegum ready and prepare to dance"

*Vness* (Nz) VNESS Emerged onto Wellington's party scene in 2021, since then she has hosted a number of successful events, playing with great Djs alone New Zealand, music festivals performing in venues around Wellington, and collaborating with other artists. She is always looking for new ways to make her performance and events stand out and provide a great experience. Since she moved to Aotearoa from her home country of Chile in 2015 for over 3 years she has been performing as a soloist, in a band, at wine festivals, and some bars along Courtenay Place, bringing entertainment and joy to people through singing and live music shows. She has since found an ongoing passion for mixing techno, Latin house, and tech-house while also occasionally dipping her toes in more psychedelic waters, acquiring greater experiences and challenges in different types of genres in electronic music. VNESS creates a multi-genre experience mixing a unique blend of musical inspiration from her time traveling around Mexico, South America, and  New Zealand. Mixing elements of folk and Latin techno fusion of a mix of fun dance styles and passionate rhythms, creating a unique sound that has captivated audiences both in NZ and abroad. Her music is full of energy, emotion and passion, taking the audience on a journey through her life’s experiences.

*Mcgamma* (Chile) McGamma is a passionate DJ with a love for EuroDance and Euro Beat music. He started collecting cassette tapes at age 14 and began playing music on the streets of his neighborhood in 1996. McGamma quickly became known for his skillful DJing and ability to blend different genres seamlessly. Today, he continues to share his passion for music at events around the world, inspiring others to appreciate the beauty and power of music. https://www.mixcloud.com/gamalier-contreras/

*MarisolBang* (CL) MarisolBang is an up-and-coming DJ with a short but impressive career in the music industry. Despite her relatively short time in the scene,  has gained a significant following and garnered positive feedback from fans and critics alike. With a passion for music that began at a young age,  started her journey as a DJ by experimenting with various genres and styles. She quickly developed her own unique sound, blending elements of house, techno, and electronica to create a distinctive and unforgettable sound.


Come to enjoy this new wonderful experience with us.

Limited space.

"If there is poor weather, the event will be postponed and not canceled. In this case, you will not have the right to a refund, but you will be entitled to resell your ticket."

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