Ending HIV Big Gay Out - Market Stall Holders

. Coyle Park , Auckland [All Ages]

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No tickets are currently available for this event.

Thank you for being part of the Ending HIV Big Gay Out 2021 on Sunday 14th February.

Through this page, you will be able to book your spot at the Big Gay Out Marketplace along with any add-ons. 

If you received a code for your spot, please make sure you enter this under "Promo Code" below the ticket check box.  

All prices INCLUDE GST and possible credit card transaction fees may apply at check out.


  • The Ending HIV Big Gay Out is a community event that celebrates diversity. Please treat all people with respect at all times.

  • All items / products being sold or on display must be respectful and inclusive. Any items deemed inappropriate at the sole discretion of the Event Producer must be removed immediately

  • Any donation collections must be confided to your stall space. You need to ensure the event attendees are clear that their donation is not going to the Ending HIV Big Gay Out or The New Zealand AIDS Foundation.

  • NO SAMPLING / NO ROAMING PERMITTED: As per the terms and conditions No stalls within the markets area are permitted to roam the event to hand out samples or engage commercially with event attendees. Only sponsors wearing the issued roaming passes receive this benefit, security and staff will be monitoring this throughout the day and any breaches of this will result in an additional fee.

  • Please ensure any items considered R18 are screened off as we are expecting children at the Big Gay Out.


  • You are responsible to provide all requirements for your stall.

  • Those who are adding on for power - our supplier will have power ready for you to plug into. Please remember any multi boxes etc. you may need.

  • Our supplier will be onsite the entire day ensuring no one patches into power who has not paid. You will NOT be able to arrange power on the day.


  • It is a requirement of Auckland Council to ensure there is no impact on the environment, therefore we ask that all rubbish you make must be taken away with you, this includes any liquid waste.

  • We are also now a ZERO WASTE event, you need to ensure you limit waste. Where waste is produced, please ensure it is recyclable. No polystyrene and plastic cutlery.


  • All Food Stalls must have your Food Certificate displayed. Our markets manager will be around throughout the day to check.


  • You don't need to have any check-in signs at this event, as Big Gay Out will be covered as a whole. 

  • However, as it currently stands, it is a requirement to be COIVD-SAFE which means that all stallholders will need hand sanitiser accessible.  


  • A call will be made on Wednesday 10th February by 11 am whether or not we will proceed with the event as planned on Sunday 14th February.

  • If the call is to postpone to Sunday 28th February an EMAIL message notification will be sent out.

  • No notification will be sent if the call is to proceed on Sunday 14th February.


  • When driving on the park, please restrict your speed limit to 5km/hr with your hazard lights on

  • St Johns are onsite should you or your team require medical assistance

  • Please ensure your team have sunscreen available and stay hydrated throughout the day. 

  • The Ending HIV Big Gay Out 2021 is a smoke free event.

  • In the unlikely event of a natural disaster, please follow the instructions provided from the main stage.

  • Please ensure all your marquees are safely tied down during installation.

  • If there are any incidents that require security assistance, please notify one of the event staff in the Big Gay Out t-shirts who will call through to the Event Producer to coordinate relevant assistance