Fluffy Cloud Experience: Los Angeles

. El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument , Los Angeles [Ages 21+]

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21,000lbs of sound, light, and music

Towering over 3 stories high, this act of artistic lunacy offers more than meets the eye. Behind its fluffy exterior, 33,000 LEDs and an unprecedented 360-degree 60,000 watt sound system roars over guests’ heads, creating a one-of-a-kind immersive space where you are not so much listening to sound, but being bathed by it. Capable of hitting taint-shaking frequencies 32% lower than any other sound system in the world, it's hard to explain such a unique experience in writing—you just have to see it (and feel it) for yourself!

The Fluffy Cloud is more than a concert: it is a radical rethinking of what a live music and arts experience can—and should—be. And for our return to Los Angeles, we're upping the ante.  We have new stunning special effects, live music from artists of global renown, interactive art and games, wellness experiences, food, drinks and many more suprises. 

What's even better is that 100% of your support goes towards funding our return to Burning Man 2022!  Your ticket directly supports independent arts!

What's the lineup?

Joining us we have a secret lineup of artists that are interrupting their busy European summer tours to fly in for one night and share their magic with the people of LA. Due to their caliber and contractual obligations we cannot disclose their identities, but we can say that collectively they hold 9 Beatport #1 singles across our signature fluffy genres of melodic techno, indie dance, and dark disco. There are titans backed by Diynamic, Purified, Stil vor Talent, Katermukke, Desert Hearts Black and many more of the world's most respected international labels.  You do NOT want to miss this one day incredibly special event. Trust the fluff!!!

An epic historic downtown venue


Fluffy Pass Perks

Due to fire marshalls not allowing us, last second, to allow guests into the Cloud last year, we've changed what we can offer with our Fluffy Passes this year. This time around we are focusing on re-creating the Fluffy Zone you all liked so much by focusing on making it a space that is just a bit less crowded with a dedicated bar, chill zone, and some nicer bathrooms in a roughly 100 degree pizza pie of dancefloor behind the artist booth, as well as the Great Gazebo.  The pass will also give you an expedited line for check-in and discounted access to the show's official afterparty!  


Table Reservations

A very limited quantity are available this year! For more information email us at [email protected]


Support Burning Man Arts🔥 )'( 🔥

This experience is not only a fundraiser supporting The Fluffy Cloud's return the playa in 2022, it is also an opportunity to support two other Burning Man honoraria projects. You will have the opportunity to support either project (or both!) as an additional add-on during ticket checkout. Further, if the overall fundraiser is net positive financially, and that is still a very big IF with our massive production costs, we will also donate a portion of our sales to these projects as well.

Burning Man 2022's Empyrean Temple

by Laurence “Renzo” Verbeck and Sylvia Adrienne Liss

Burning Man Honoraria - The Apocalypse is Breathtaking

by Lehka Washington



  1. Tomer M
  2. Avihay T
  3. Sarvenaz S
  4. Dana T
  5. Liel S
  6. Waimea T
  7. Jenifer A
  8. Shirley C
  9. Ohad H
  10. Tatiana D
  11. Marvin N
  12. Oleg P
  13. Carl D
  14. Rom A
  15. Nissim H
  16. Erez M
  17. Ed B
  18. Alon P
  19. Zac C
  20. Sami L