George FM's Winter Warm Up

. Powderhorn Chateau , Ohakune [Ages 18+]

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June 22nd Ft The Peacekeepers
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June 23rd Ft Kings
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June 22nd & 23rd
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George FM is bringing back the dead… After 7 year's of rest, it returns

George FM’s Winter Warm Up.

The PowderKeg and The Kitchen, 


The Peacekeepers (June 22nd)

Kings (DJ set June 23rd)
Dan Aux
General Lee
Jay Bulletproof
Ben Walker

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  1. Caitlin M
  2. Eric J
  3. Sam B
  4. Danielle P
  5. Matt M
  6. Hannah C
  7. Sophie G
  8. Emily R
  9. Isaac A
  10. David D
  11. Ana C
  12. Jenna B
  13. Kelsey M
  14. Isobel V
  15. Mary-Rose H
  16. Rebecca L
  17. Amos K
  18. Rhys M
  19. Chloe S
  20. Jodi S