Grave Rave

. Home Rooftop, Sydney

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A$35.00 (excl. Fees)

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  1. Emily P
  2. Amy D
  3. Cameron F
  4. Rhiannon H
  5. Tahlea-Jo B
  6. Jess G
  7. Laura W
  8. Lachlan I
  9. Jeremy N
  10. Jack B
  11. Jordan S
  12. Zoe G
  13. Matthew N
  14. Emily N
  15. Ram D
  16. Jake P
  17. Danielle L
  18. Lexi L
  19. Annie N
  20. Hannah B

Once a year, a very special night dawns of the great city of Sydney. A night of hellish, sweat-driven, colourful and terrifying debauchery. A night that has etched its tenure in the stone of the nighttime Sydney graveyard. A night we all fear, and fear to miss - Grave Rave.

October 27th, 2018 marks the annual of this sinister soiree, and it's a very family affair. This is your chance to dress to kill, scare, seduce and terrify. As per usual;


Prizes WILL be awarded for some of the best dressed. (Trust us, you want to win this)

We know what you did last Halloween.

Starfvckers Club (est. 2006) - Take only memories; leave nothing but footprints. ▽