Headbanger's Ball: Featuring BERRIX

. New York, New York , Austin [All Ages]

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Headbangers and riddim skankers, unite! We pack as many BASSBOSS subwoofers we can in a 300 capacity space and fucking headbang until all the grout falls out of the walls. BRING EARPLUGS. 18+ welcome

First up is BERRIX and the Demonz crew!

Dubstep artist from Belgium, Berrix aka Vincent Bercx is most known for his dj abilities & mixdowns, forging the way with his controversial technical style. “Berrix produces all sorts of Dubstep that wobbles & womps through your body, making you dance whether you want to or not.”

With releases on: Savage Society Records, Dub Selection, Blacklight Audio, Bewildered Productions & Full Flex Audio, he has been getting overall support from the likes of Shiverz, Bukez Finezt, Jakes, SubFiltronik, Blankface, BloodThinnerz, Aweminus, Infekt, Mastadon & many more...