High Distinction 2020

. Studio The Venue , Auckland [All Ages]

Final Release
NZ$ 50 (excl. Fees)

Sales for this event are closed.

New Zealand's Only Multizone Matariki New Years Celebration. A one night spectacle celebrating our New Zealand New Year through a journey of the senses, across multiple music zones carefully curated for your listening pleasure.

More than music, we invite our guests through a narrative of artistic awe and wonder as we present a carefully curated selection of some of New Zealand's top Musical minds showcased with a level of visual production they deserve. An exciting new experience that is truly your own. Join us on our journey.

Matariki Main Stage:

Herman Hs


Strangely Arousing

The Anxients

Dylan C

Optimus Gryme

DnB/Dubstep Zone:

Curated by Home Bass Radio

Psytrance Zone:

Curated by Psycred Alliance

Techno Zone:

Curated by Science of Sound NZ

Presenting full Matariki New Years countdown, aerial artists - performers - large scale visuals - musical presentation in a whole new way.

  1. Gwyneth B
  2. Joey K
  3. Tom K
  4. Harry W
  5. Dale N
  6. Rachel L
  7. Sam R
  8. Vanessa E
  9. Jason C
  10. Aileen D
  11. Kasey A
  12. Joseph E
  13. Anna M
  14. Matthew K
  15. Alexander N
  16. Lukas F
  17. Martin S
  18. Maximilian K
  19. Brianna C
  20. Hayden P