In Bloom 2023

Ages 18+
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An extravagant collection of colour, boogie and good times. 

RedHearing and The Department of Arts have again collaborated to deliver their annual spring dance, In Bloom!

Come November 18, we will be rejoicing on the Tauranga waterfront to an array of art, feast, drink and dance!

We are stoked to welcome: Muroki, Bontempo, Park Rd, Hotel Tropic, Hot Sauce Club, HarrisonJupe, Hot Sauce Club, System, Butter Milk

Mount Brew Co, Karage Boys, and Johnny's Dumplings will be there to support also.

Come join for what will be an unforgettable welcome to the warmer months. 

  1. Jamie W
  2. Laura W
  3. Sandra M
  4. Hannah S
  5. Megan P
  6. Tim E
  7. Zoe M
  8. Paris C
  9. Jonny S
  10. Zara J
  11. Olivia M
  12. Kelsey A
  13. Alistair G
  14. Brandon L
  15. Brooke F
  16. Tegwyn L
  17. Zena H
  18. Emma C
  19. Sina S
  20. Hayley R