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21 JUNE 2024

Fusing South Asian Heritage with Global Dance Music

Indo Warehouse, a NYC-based record label and artist collective, merges South Asian cultural heritage with house and techno music. Founded by Kahani (Armaan Gupta) and Kunal Merchant, it has gained acclaim for its distinctive "Indo House" sound, praised by Mixmag and Rolling Stone. Their music blends traditional South Asian rhythms with contemporary dance music, showcased in sold-out shows across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Beyond music, Indo Warehouse integrates South Asian culture into the global electronic scene, offering immersive cultural experiences. Their debut compilation "Year One" and various releases feature diverse South Asian artists like Ethyr, AREUBLUE, Payal Jay, and ShiShi, earning accolades such as the 1001 Tracklist’s Future of Dance Award.

Indo Warehouse is not just a label or a series of events; it's a movement. It stands as a beacon of cultural pride and musical innovation, inviting the world to move to the rhythm of South Asia's rich heritage and the universal language of electronic music. Join us, and immerse yourself in an experience where every beat, every note, and every moment celebrates the beauty of connection and the power of cultural fusion.

  1. Pushp Deep G
  2. Sagar S
  3. Bhavin S
  4. Ankur K
  5. Sachit S
  6. Caarticay P
  7. Dishan T
  8. Aryan S
  9. Neha J
  10. KETKI P
  11. Vishal D
  12. Aman M
  13. Nitin D
  14. Jhanvi N
  15. Roshan D
  16. Alafiyah S