Kallidad in Dunedin

. Dog With Two Tails Cafe & Bar, Dunedin

General Admission
22.00 NZ$ (incl. Fees)

Sales for this event are closed.

Sydney's own masked madmen trio Kallidad are returning to New Zealand to unveil their chaotic new live show. As well as the group's traditional Spanish guitars and cajon, these performances will feature electric and bass guitar and drum kit to flesh out the Kallidad sound and lift it to the next level.

Kallidad has created a musical genre all of their own. Dubbed "Flamingo", this style combines musical elements from flamenco, rock, metal, blues and a host of other styles. It's fast, intense , energetic, perfect for dancing and elevating your spirit and consciousness. Let the music help you break on through to the other side!

Every show Kallidad has ever played in Dunedin was a packed house so please make sure you book early to avoid missing out! 

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