Lizzie Loch Live: An Interactive Experience For Your Soul

. Mystic Manor, Los Angeles

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Do you know what truth feels like in your cells?

Do you crave to be seen in your highest gifts?

Can entertainment simultaneously enlighten?

Come join me on a journey through reality through an interactive experience guided by your presence in the room.

Experience the magic in the unseen realms, while discovering more of yourself through art.

Laugh, cry, remember, and feel your way back home through the unknown.

A meditative and interactive experience for your entire being.

Like nothing you have ever experienced before. Guaranteed.

You will have fun, be entertained, express, evolve, heal, and nourish yourself.

Lizzie Loch will be channeling higher dimensional healing frequencies and pulling through answers to your biggest life questions, while taking you on a meditative journey, and activating the parts of your soul that are ready to come online.

This live experience is for creators, artists, seekers, mystics, and the spiritually curious.

If you are reading these words right now and you feel the pull in your heart, then trust your intuition and I’ll see you there.

Limited Seating: Tickets will sell out so act now

Notes for the event :

- Location: Mystic Manor, 1240 Morningside Way, Los Angeles California 90291, United States

- Street Parking Available 

- Event will start promptly at 8 PM. Please arrive early. Doors open at 7:45 PM. 

- It will be a 90 minute experience

- Bring a journal and a pen as you may have insights about your life that come through during this experience.

- Bring your own water bottle

- It is advisable to not have alcohol in your system before this event.

- Wear clothes you feel comfortable in as there will be a meditation and some movement.

About Lizzie Loch:

Lizzie Loch is a powerful teacher, guide, and oracle blessed with highly advanced intuitive abilities.

A creative force of nature, she has excelled in careers as a professional model, screenwriter, stand up comedian, and entrepreneur.

After traveling the world for years learning directly from shamans, gurus, and indigenous elders, she began doing healing work with high net worth individuals in the entertainment, finance, and technology sectors.

Lizzie sees you, maybe more than anyone ever has.

Testimonial about Lizzie: 

“One of Lizzie’s superpowers is how deep she is able to drop people into meditation, and off they go quickly. Within these meditations, Lizzie provides space and has guided me towards what my soul wants me to know. She then helps me find the keys to unlock the doors to all my answers.

There is no right or wrong when in Lizzie’s presence. In a society where there is so much pressure and constraint to be the best version of me, she tells me to experience it all. Lizzie is a walking permission slip to dance through the world living in my own experience.”

Testimonial about the experience: 

"As she opened her mouth, out came foreign languages, sounds, clicks, more worldly languages. In those moments, all judgement was expelled as my body leaned forward, eyes widened, mouth agape at the messages that were pouring out of Lizzie.

Logically, I could not understand. But, some part of me was tracking her movements and understanding her sounds in awe.

At this point, Lizzie had guided me through deep self work: healing past trauma, discovery of my visual imagination… and yet, I was still wondering what are my gifts? What makes me special?

In that moment, she started dancing. Swaying in half figure eights then pumping her hands, palms open, through the air. There was a familiarity in the way she moved, making me laugh and smile, a childlike joy spilling out of me.

She took me on a journey as she was channeling me to me.

Lizzie reflected back a deep part of me that I am not always consciously aware of, a joy and lightness, and that is about the most valuable thing anyone has ever given me. Thank you thank you thank you Lizzie.” - Kayla R.

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