Nite Jewel

Friday, 27 August 2021, 8:00pm

Zebulon , Los Angeles [All Ages]

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Nite Jewel

No Sun is a title inspired by the Sun Ra tune “When There is No Sun,” the cover track that closes the record. I began experimenting with the recordings for this album in the midst of the dissolution of my twelve year marriage and creative partnership with Cole M.G.N. The slow demise of our love notwithstanding, it was the creative partnership that fragmented first. I began to work alone. The instruments I chose were a MOOG sequencer to keep a heavy rhythmic groove, while I improvised long jazzy chord progressions and sang and lamented in hushed undertones. I started to call the style “Industrial Jazz.” By the summer of 2018 I was left homeless, bouncing around friend’s houses with my portable studio setup, attempting to capture in these recordings the intense loss of a bond so strongly felt emotionally, but also musically, in sound. And yet, the album does not seek to backtrack; No Sun is a journey in my quest to regain my own subjectivity and musical identity, long lost in a swirl of romance and creative collaboration. The sound is somewhere between Arthur Russell’s hushed intimacy, Suicide industrial distortions, R&B poeticism, jazz experimentation and Kraftwerk’s rigid electronics.