NZVAPOR Presents George FM Summer Tour: Auckland

. Regatta Bar And Eatery , Auckland [Ages 18+]

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NZVAPOR Presents: George FM Summer Tour, hitting the road and heading to summer destinations near you.

Regatta Bar & Eatery


General Lee

Benny Boy

Sin Howard

Kara Rickard


Sam Lovli



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  1. Grace G
  2. Johanna M
  3. Alisha B
  4. Chrystal B
  5. Jess S
  6. Griffin S
  7. Evannah G
  8. Patricia D
  9. Nica B
  10. Amy E
  11. Jeanie J
  12. Sasha T
  13. Lucy I
  14. Grant C
  15. Taisei F
  16. Courtney B
  17. Mikayla C
  18. Amanda B
  19. Kirtanaa S
  20. Maryanne T