Puppeteers for Fears Show!

All Ages
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General Admission
Early Bird
US$ 15 (incl. fees)
Online Price
US$ 17 (incl. fees)
Table Reservation [Seats 4]
US$ 109 (incl. fees)

Get your reserved table that seats four to enjoy the show!

Table Reservation [Seats 3]
US$ 82.50 (incl. fees)

Get your reserved table that seats three to enjoy the show!

Theatre Seating [Seats 3]
US$ 66 (incl. fees)

Get a guaranteed seat in our 1800's reupholstered Theatre seats for three. 

Upright Piano Table Reservation [Seats 2]
US$ 55 (incl. fees)

Get a guaranteed seat at our 1920s upright pianos fixed to the 1909 red brick wall.  Seating enough for a couple patrons. 

Puppeteers For Fears is an Ashland, Oregon based theater company specializing in original puppet horror/sci-fi musical comedies. They’ve performed such shows as “Cattle Mutilation: The Musical”, “Cthulhu: The Musical”, “The Trilogy of Terror!”, and “Robopocalypse: The Musical”. They are a wholly unique theater-going experience. For more information visit: https://puppeteersforfears.com


How old do I have to be to attend?

This is an all ages event until 9pm.