SLUMBERJACK (Aus) | Auckland

. Studio The Venue , Auckland [Ages 18+]

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George FM & SailAway are proud to present:
Hitting Auckland for part of their DICHOTOMY Album Tour.

A dichotomy contrasts two entirely different things. It can be a clash, an unexpected pairing, a merging of divergent worlds. On their debut album, titled DICHOTOMY, SLUMBERJACK deliver their own dichotomy: a juxtaposition of sound, styles and concept. Across DICHOTOMY’s 12 tracks, Perth duo Morgan Then and Fletcher Ehlers glide from pop to bass music, marrying stadium rock with strange synths, cinematic crescendos and world music samples. It’s a hybrid of sounds you wouldn’t expect to hear together but that come together to form something supernaturally beautiful. Exploring both their club-ready roots and more melodic leanings, DICHOTOMY is a journey that traverses both where SLUMBERJACK started and how they have evolved. An album had always been part of the plan for SLUMBERJACK, but until recently, the pair’s busy tour schedule had forced it onto the backburner. Since 2014, Morgan and Fletcher have been in-demand names in the world of bass music. They have collected multiple Gold records, toured across three continents, played the world’s biggest festivals, racked up over 150 million streams and collaborated with artists like Alison Wonderland, What So Not, Daniel Johns and Vera Blue. Their 2017 Fracture EP ranked #1 on the iTunes Australia electronic chart and featured two ARIA Gold-certified tracks, ‘Afraid, Unafraid’ and ‘Fracture’. Along the way, the pair have earned a reputation as two of the sharpest, most forward-thinking minds in electronic music.

  1. Luke B
  2. Mitchell M
  3. Zachary O
  4. Lisa Z
  5. Alesh S
  6. Leonard T
  7. Christie S
  8. Richard B
  9. Lucha K
  10. Cleveland L
  11. Sandi M
  12. Sam M
  13. Ben M
  14. Mathew W
  15. Ben S
  16. Jordan B
  17. Sharleena W