Sriracha • Safari Edition

. 5-7 Louvain St , Coburg North [Ages 18+]

Female/non-Binary • General Admission
Sold Out
Male • General Admission
Sold Out
Female/non-Binary • Final Release
A$ 33 (incl. Fees)
Male • Final Release
A$ 33 (incl. Fees)

Announcing... 🌶️🌶️ SRIRACHA - SAFARI EDITION🌶️🌶️

Show up in your flyest print outfits!! 

This event will take place at The Industrique, Coburg - an industrial paradise, the perfect party haven. 

We're keeping capacity to a minimum to ensure everyone feels comfortable.


Line up:

Jerry C


Nay Nay



Salem (SYD)


We're all about good energy and the finest selections.


Sriracha AU is an 18+ event.



TikTok: @srirachaAU

Twitter: @srirachaAU


Management reserves the right to deny entry to ticket holders at their absolute discretion.

We have zero tolerance for bad behaviour.

No door sales due to COVID regulations.

  1. Jeremy M
  2. Zea L
  3. Tyra Y
  4. Ian Z
  5. Mark C
  6. Azza A
  7. Yuki I
  8. Deman R
  9. Jonathan M
  10. Khalid N
  11. Garikayi M
  12. Achol M
  13. Shanice D
  14. Ben C
  15. Samantha Z
  16. Asiya A
  17. Adut A
  18. Ahmed H
  19. Anita D
  20. Chantel K