Stramm Pres. A Night With Kate Doherty

. Burdekin Hotel , Sydney [All Ages]

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After two massive events, Stramm is back for a third strike with the queen of Sydney techno; Kate Doherty. Anyone who's seen Kate play knows her style is all about getting the body moving. So come down on the 13th of July and let Kate take us down the rabbit hole through a FIVE hour musical journey.

Supporting Kate is one of the hottest young guns in Sydney techno, Qu-Zen, otherwise knows as Sydney's techno princess. 

She'll start the night off doing what she does best, playing her own brand of techno that she's become known for.

Unfortunately due to extenuating circumstances Stramm pres A Night With Kate Doherty will not be taking place at the inner city warehouse location as originally planned due to the venue becoming unavailable over the past week.

However, the good people at the Burdekin have saved the day and allowed us to hold our soiree there, and we couldn't be happier at this news as it means the show gets to go on. So you can still expect to see a couple of performances from 2 of the most styling and talented ladies playing around the traps today.

The new venue for Stramm pres will be at Level 1 'Mini Bar', Burdekin. A luscious and warmly decorated room with an awesome sound system and the typical friendly, laid back vibe that you have come to expect from a Stramm pres. event.

Price for the event is now just a measly $10 at the door, all of those that bought tickets online will be refunded the difference on the spot.

As Burdekin has a separate event running on the ground floor the same night, there will be a separate entrance for those wanting to come only to STRAMM. For those going to Subclub, all those with Subclub stamps will be granted free entry

Please note as it is now at the Burdekin, it is not BYO anymore, however there will be cheap drinks to satisfy the thirsty.

See you all on Saturday!

Kate Doherty BIO

Kate Doherty has become renowned as a techno dj that’s able to rock any party she plays at, notorious for her flair and style, her charisma and presence.

Kate discovered techno at a Swarm gig back in 1998 at the infamous 61 Regent Street. Kate fell in love with the scene, the people and most of all, the music – influenced and inspired by the likes of local djs lushpuppy and speakafreaka, Kate was determined to get behind the decks. By 2001, Kate’s hunger for a pair of turntables was so strong that she bought a stack of records, figuring that once the records turned up she’d have to buy the equipment so that she could listen to them! It gave her that extra little push she needed – the following week, she bought a pair of technics and a mixer and after a year of passionate practice, Kate was out playing. 

Kate’s sound ranges from house to techno, bringing her own take to the techno sound she has the skills and sensitivity to bring dynamism, soul and complexity to a genre often derided as repetitive and mindless. Her impeccable mixing skills always augment the mix and never get in the way of the flow. Totally in control of her tools, Kate creates a seamless and unique sound. Never one to be locked into the one groove, playing the same styles, Kate’s eclectic love of a smorgasbord of electronic genres has recently seen Kate turn her hand at DNB and hip hop. The result – some heavy bass sets dropped with Kate’s inimitable flair.

Having played alongside her local techno peers, Kate has also gigged with a stack of internationals – a list that reads as a who’s who of the techno scene: Audio Injection; DJ Pinch; Sebo K; Luca Bacchetti; Marc Houle; Gaiser; Alex Smoke; Matthias Tanzmann; Richie Hawtin; Ben Sims; Chris Liebing; Deetron; Justin Berkovi; Mike Humphries; Ignition Technician; Steve Rachmad; Thomas P Heckmann; Space Djz; Chris Liberator; Thomas Schumacher and Technasia feat. Charles Siegling. And if that’s not enough, Kate also had the chance to play a back-to-back with D.A.V.E the Drummer at a Swarm after party. 

Kate is a resident of 4our:: a BYO warehouse party and TECHnique and also plays at other local Sydney parties such as: Strange Fruit; 360; 2flies; Mince Meat; Shake that Monkey. 

Kate Doherty Page:

Qu-Zen BIO

For the fiery redhead Suzy aka Qu-Zen, there was no epiphany, no “eureka” moment when she suddenly decided to start DJing. Instead, years spent in clubs giving her all on the dance floor to everything from hard dance to breaks and eventually techno led to the natural step of buying decks and a mixer. And it’s these instinctive years that give her a deep understanding of programming a set and engaging the most important people in the venue: the crowd.

Her commitment level to what she holds dear is unwavering and her steadfast belief in the power of what a solid Techno groove can create could never be called into question, as she leads by example and is living proof of how it possesses someone when she is out on the dance floor herself. Already gaining a reputation for tight mixing, tasteful programming and devotion to techno, Qu-Zen has played at parties such as Disconnected, Subsonic, 4our, Church of Techno and even the long-running Plastic. She is resident at Sydney’s grimiest underground techno night, .darkroom, and has been honoured to support international artists such as Sian, Insect O and the legendary Luke Slater.

While Qu-Zen’s sound focuses primarily on techno, it’s this passion and infatuation where she explores various nooks and crannies, from broken, shuffly rhythms to warm, immersive dub grooves and slamming industrial bangers. Whether she’s behind the decks or losing herself on the dance floor, Qu-Zen uncovers her uniqueness in a diverse range of BPMs and intensities, but these are unified through a common theme of gritty low end, crisp percussive rhythms and intelligent melodic elements. Stand front and centre, close your eyes and you’ll find yourself dancing to her sets like you would naked in your bathroom.

Qu-Zen Page;

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