The Expendables

. Empress Theatre , Vallejo [Ages 18+]

US$ 40 (incl. Fees)
US$ 35 (incl. Fees)
Lower Balcony
US$ 30 (incl. Fees)
Upper Balcony
US$ 25 (incl. Fees)
Stage-Side High Top Tables For 4
US$ 300 (incl. Fees)
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The Expendables have been bringing their perspective to the world of reggae rock for nearly 25 years, starting as a spirited party band in high school covering surf-rock nuggets such as Dick Dale’s “Miserloo” and “Wipe Out” for birthdays and family gatherings. A quarter-century later, elementary school buddies Raul Bianchi, Adam Peterson and Geoff Weers, along with bassist Ryan DeMars have forged a unique original sound born in the laid-back beach life of their Santa Cruz, CA. hometown.

Their infectious hybrid of ska, surf-rock, punk, reggae and metal creates the sound of a spaghetti-western meets “Pipeline” twang that could easily form the soundtrack to the latest Quentin Tarantino film.Instead of following the traditional cookie-cutter blend, The Expendables have perfected their own unique approach of face-melting solos, mind-bending jams and danceable grooves, blurring the lines of where one genre ends and another begins.


All artists, patrons and staff of the Empress Theatre and Lounge are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID and show proof along with a photo ID for entry.  A mask is required by the City of Vallejo at all indoor events to ensure the safety of all patrons and staff.