The Fluffy Cloud Experience - Los Angeles 2021

. Downtown LA Location , Los Angeles [Ages 21+]

General Admission
Early Bird GA
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1st Release GA
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2nd Release GA
US$ 75 (excl. Fees)
Fluffy Pass
Early Bird Fluffy Pass
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1st Release Fluffy Pass
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2nd Release Fluffy Pass
US$ 150 (excl. Fees)

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The Fluffy Cloud 🌩 the ridiculous large-scale sound and light experiential artwork that debuted in 2019 at Burning Man and Art Basel, is coming to Los Angeles for 1 night only this October 9th for its first full-scale immersive interactive arts and music event celebrating wellness, music, and playfulness. 

So what is this? What is going on? 

Let's start with the most important and perhaps difficult thing to communicate, and that is that this is NOT just a concert, and the Cloud is definitely not the only attraction. This event is a playful exploration of the fun, weird, and unexpected. We will not only have world-class musical performances, there will also be tons of other art and interactive activities. Think of this experience as more of a pop-up artistic carnival, than a concert. Interactive art - games - rides - crafting, maybe even some weather control.... What do we mean by that? Wait and see. Although our video above shows our last event before COVID, which admittedly was really just a concert, we've spent the last 18 months of shutdown designing a much more unique event inspired by the interactive ethos of Burning Man. And just as the desert gathering is not a music festival, this will not just be a concert :)

It's much more like a theme park, and just like a theme park, this is something you'll want to show up early for if you want to have time to check everything out!

Now amongst all these other things, the centerpiece is certainly still The Fluffy Cloud 🌩 itself, so let's tell you a bit more about it :) 

Towering 3 stories in the air, this act of artistic lunacy offers more than might immediately meet the eye. Hidden behind its fluffy sound-reactive exterior glimmering with 33,000 LEDs, the Cloud holds the most powerful and unique sound system in the world. So unique, in fact, it has multiple patents pending. The system is an unprecedented custom 60,000 watt high-fidelity point-source sound system that is flying overhead creating a truly one-of-a-kind 360 immersive sound space where you are not so much listening to sound, but being bathed by it. Capable of reaching frequencies 32% lower than any other system on the market, and offering extraordinary fidelity across all frequency bands, The Fluffy Cloud is an experience that is as much corporal, as it is acoustic. There is nothing else in the world even remotely like it, so if you've been wanting to see and experience something truly new in live music, this is it. 

But don't just take our word for it:

As you can hopefully tell by now, the experience is going to be something very special, but that doesn't mean this isn't still a very special music event. We are also incredibly proud to be featuring the talents of Mind Against, Sainte Vie, Yulia Niko, Lauren Mia, and Haut as they take us through a deep array of music throughout the day.  These artists all have their own unique sound, but are firmly tied together by their mastery of driving melodic house and techno. 

To get a bit more into the specifics of programming, there will be 3 phases to the day. The first will be an acoustic immersion and wellness practice under the Cloud's sound system led by some of the world's leading practitioners in sound therapy and mindfulness. From there, the show will transition to a live acoustic/electronic ensemble performance led by HAUT and a live ensemble electronic/acoustic band.  We will then finally transition into a lineup of Tier-1 international artists hailing from Italy (Mind Against), Mexico (Sainte Vie), Germany (Yulia Niko), and the US (Lauren Mia) who will take us through a dynamic range of deep house and melodic techno not often heard this side of the Atlantic.  

If you're a fan of live music, immersive interactive arts, or just want to try something new for a change - this is the only place to be.

Helpful hint: Don't forget to share your unique post-ticket purchase referral link with friends! With every friend you refer you will automatically have part of your order refunded until it could be entirely free! Beyond these rebates, we will also be giving 1 extra free Fluffy Pass to the top 5 referrers as publicly ranked on the Ticketfairy Influencer List the day before the show!

This experience is a fundraiser produced in partnership with SET Underground supporting The Fluffy Cloud's return the playa in 2022! 



We will no longer have the performing artists on the upper deck of the Cloud itself, instead they will be below the Cloud in the middle of the audience to create a much more intimate and special 360 experience where you can get closer to your favorite artists than ever before! 


Fluffy Pass Perks

1) Access to go up into the Cloud itself! 

2) Access to our interactive light control kiosk to play with and control the lights of the Cloud during the show!

3) Access to the "backstage" area that includes a dedicated bar, chill zone, high-end bathrooms, and a chance to hang out with the performing artists themselves!

4) Access to a dedicated check-in for accelerated entry. 


Table Service

A very limited selection of tables are available for reservation. Table service includes all Fluffy Pass Perks, its own dedicated check-in line, as well as entries for 8-10 people.  Click Here to See Table Map and Options.


COVID-19 Guidelines: We will be complying with all ordinances at the time of the event. Due to the on-going evolving nature of the global health situation, final guidance will be made available the week of the event, however at a minimum proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test will be required for entry. 

All ticket sales are non-refundable. The show is rain or shine. 

  1. Julianne W
  2. Kevin H
  3. Penny S
  4. Darian L
  5. Arash H
  6. Tyler H
  7. Kostandinos D
  8. Tara L
  9. Christine N
  10. Lauren S
  11. Nadia K
  12. Brent L
  13. Annie W
  14. Kayla S
  16. Jason O
  17. Sarah T
  18. Brennan D
  19. Shawn M
  20. Parham K