The Wellness Project: Vol 2

All Ages
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BYOM(at) *we will also bring a few extra mats

Evening Itinerary

6:00 - 7:00 pm Movement & Somatics

7:15 - 8:00 pm Self-Care Conversation: Nourishing our Creative Centers through Aromatherapy

8:00 - 9:00 pm Community & Connection

Event Description

Flowetry; a poetic way of flowing through life as a constant retreat.

Jane and Jeanine have identified various self-care and retreating resources at their fingertips. It was soon realized that these tools were something to be shared. Something to cultivate into a lifestyle practice, not just a brief routine.

Leaning into creativity both focused and flowing, it is hoped that the trust which can be found in life’s highs & lows, madness, and magic, is something you can create for yourself and your lifestyle too. We are really excited to share the Flowetry approach through this Wellness Project at The Lightning Society!

We will be rolling out our bodies and minds Sunday evening at sunset to move and breathe more functionally. Somatic awareness techniques will then be shared to more deeply drop in, opening ourselves up softly to a conversation around nurturing our creative centers through self-care and retreating practices. The mission is to leave the space with offerings that go home with you and stay with you, keeping you curious for more.

The moon will be Full and we will be infusing the elements and energies of life as we know it, while transforming these sensational topics into reachable tools. Bring a mat, or let us pack one for you and show up for yourself at this sunset session to kick off your own personal Wellness Project.

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Jane and Jeanine have been dancing in the sea of madness & magic for almost a decade together. Meeting through the practice of movement and collaborative community has inspired what is now their foundational mission of retreating through life with ever-changing movement and community.

With extensive backgrounds in wellness facilitating and programming, Jane and Jeanine love to host both local and getaway retreats. Living to be constant students and facilitators of communal gatherings, while also coordinators of them. The intention is to connect with as many people and communities as possible and allow the ripple effect of self retreating to expand out as far as it can.

Jane and Jeanine both began as yoga instructors, which opened up the doors for training and education in many other modalities like meditation, breath work, body and energy work, sense-related healing: aromatherapy, sound, flavorful snacking, and artistic visualization. Mix this in with elemental awareness to track the constant moon moods and a new lifestyle approach makes way.

Jane adds the depth of ancient storytelling to all she shares with her affluent knowledge of mythology, philosophy, and yogic traditions. Having led numerous yoga teacher training and co-managing a local studio —she is in a constant state of student and teacher connection. While also being an administrative genie, managing online systems and collaborating on programs constantly.

Jeanine brings tangibility to both the healing and planning process. As a dancer, poet, and massage therapist, somatic connection is the only way she knows how to connect. Creative thinker and writer by nature, coordinator, and planner by choice, she has been behind the details of many small and large-scale luxury wellness programs and events. Organizing the details of many visions but ensuring the experiencers come back to their bodies always.

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