The Sustaina Ball

. Tomkins Farm , North Chailey [Ages 18+]

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6th - 8th August 2021

Tomkins Farm, Alpaca Camp, 

Chailey, Sussex

Campsite: Fri 6th August, Midday.  Arena: 5 PM

A New Festival, A Forever Festival...

The Sustaina Ball is a party like no other. We aim to give to the environment. Sustainability is the key to partying long into the future. 
We're hosting an absolute ball.  Come join us for our pilot event we're calling Episode Zero.  You will be entertained by a carefully selected array of live acts and DJs, playing Drum n Bass, Reggae, House, Trance, Bass, House, and Funk, all set in a unique location in East Sussex. 

Benny Page

My Bad Sister

Krafty Kuts

The Egg

Something Something

MC Xander


Fathom Audio

Lizzie Curious



A Little Sound


Georgina Jackson

Inspekta Veg

and many more...

With a limited capacity of 500, we are starting with a small seed and going to watch it grow.  As we expand we will continue to conserve our natural environment in the process. This is at the heart of what we do!

Peace and Love x

The Sustaina Crew