Twisted AUM - AUM Festival and Twisted Frequency Festival UNITED

. The grand , Wellington [All Ages]

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*THIS PAGE IS FOR THE WELLINGTON EVENT ONLY - Please click here for the Auckland AUM event


GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW for this very special show curated as a true expression of the love for our community, and of our deeply passionate mahi, that sits at the centre of both of our festivals.

Traditionally it could be considered odd to work alongside your direct competitor or even counter-intuitive. However we are in a new world now. A world that we, AUM & Twisted Frequency both (along with several others around us) firmly believe that collective support and artistic growth is unquestionably the way forward in a world so consumed, divided and confused by soulless commercial interests which we feel are in many ways killing off the core of what we see as so important in our industry... PEACE. LOVE. UNITY and RESPECT.

Please join us as we bring this very special celebration showcasing the sound, colour and glorious vibes of both of our festivals together for one SERIOUSLY SICK PARTY! I mean, has this ever happened before? Fucking excited about this.

Details and ticket pre-registration next week.

THIS is the underground
This is

Tell your mates. Get ready.

Shine on

Twisted Frequency Festival
AUM New Years Eve Festival ॐ

See the Grand as you've never seen it before as AUM and TWISTED FREQUENCY descend on Wellington this August. Prepare to experience a party like no other in the land. If you've been to either of our festivals you know that we are about to transform the night in to something very special indeed... if you haven't, buckle up you're in for a ride of the most beautiful, friendly, safe kind. <3

Featuring three rooms of

Incredible visuals

Stunning decor throughout the venue

Live art

Live performance

Music from a few of the best in the business

R18 r.o.a.r.

Expect hugs and LOADS OF COLOUR!

VIP-free zone. We are one

Stunning world class art, décor, visuals & lighting + live art

Cutting edge dj sets weaving a sophisticated journey over multiple rooms by our Guests & residents - Details to follow

Live artist raffle on site (Please bring $5 cash in hand to be in to win the original painting) - Artist Details to follow

If you have been to Aum or twisted Frequency before, thank you so much for your beautiful vibes, love, energy and support… can’t wait to see you all again. If you have never been to either of our festivals, come meet the family. We do things our way and with a whole lot of love. We do not follow trends, do anything just because it’s popular or compare our shows to others, we just set our own bar each time and do our art. We are for the misfits. The indigo children. The artists. The lovers. .

We are one.

OVER 65 and want to join the party? We would love you to and will not charge you a cent to do so. Please email us for details. Photo i.d required. [email protected]



Engage Events Limited (AUM) reserve the right to schedule postponement dates for this show in case of forced lock down or NZ Govt alert level changes which prevent this event from running, due to the covid19 situation. All tickets purchased will be honoured at any future postponement dates. In the event that we are unable to secure a premium weekend date (Friday or Saturday) we reserve the right to run the event on another week day as required. We will not cancel any events. 

  1. Richard A
  2. Thomas W
  3. Thomas W
  4. Skye M
  5. Gregory V
  6. Simon C
  7. Nick G
  8. Tim K
  9. Phil L
  10. Daniel B
  11. Paulina M
  12. Sarah S
  13. Simona T
  14. Catherine B
  15. Briar C
  16. Tom C
  17. Olivia M
  18. Jodie C
  19. Jaymesh M
  20. Richard F