Velvet, the Night of Sumptuous Decadence ~ Masquerade ball

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Velvet, the Night of Sumptuous Decadence ~ Masquerade ball ~20-year reunion


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Every now and again an event brand comes along that transcends the norm of its time. That sets a new style and platform for the art, raising the bar in show quality and consistently exceeding the expectations of their audience. A true originator for others to only follow. An event brand that most importantly, brings beautiful, like-minded people together, creating friendships and memories that will last forever. One of those very rare brands that earns the title of Legendary.


Velvet, the Night of Sumptuous Decadence was one of these.



1999 was the year two brothers from other mothers randomly met each other and discovered they shared the same dream. To make a party like no other. Designed to meet the needs of their friend groups and combine their artistic and musical tastes into something extraordinary. First on the list was the age restriction. We were the first to make our shows R22. What controversy! A master stroke... A venue was found, a two-level wine bar on Kr'd called Wagamamas and`PEACH' was underway! Yes, Peach! Complete with a hand-drawn flier idea emulating the centerpiece Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel with `Adam' clad in lingerie! It was good, but not quite right. During a site visit to the venue, the bothers were rummaging around in the basement and there sat a plush velveteen purple couch. "Velvet!" one of them exclaimed. Their event had found its name. 


The invitations were sent out with the legendary Soane (RIP brother), DJ Deep, DJ Ferkstar (!), and DJ Omen at the helm. With a promise of "dropping the phattest, funkiest, discoish house & garage" - It absolutely went off! 


Our numbers grew for the second show with Bevan Keys, and Elysium (RIP brother) and Peter Urlich (who didn't show up!), by the third we had added a third brother from another mother to the management team. Plans were being made to grow. We were getting rammed! This time DJ Phully joined us. Number four saw our beautiful brother Glenn Marsh (RIP brother), DJ WOT from the UK, and an incredible young DJ by the name of Philippa who hyped the crowd so hard that she literally had people dancing on the K'rd, on cars and stopping traffic! This was the gig that drove Velvet to the big time. A bigger venue was sought. The rest is beautiful history. new and exciting venues were found and our numbers grew into the thousands. Seven rooms and 2000+ people at the mighty Civic. Twice. Possibly the best ever boat party in Auckland held on the then Devonport ferry, the Kestral, and so much more. New and exciting event themes, stage shows, incredible production and venue transformations, live musicians with DJs, live Funk bands including our first full live band DW Browne (RIP brother), our very own live house band `The Funky Reverends' led by Bother Trav with now industry legends Sweet baby Dave, Chip Junior Dad Mathews, Cameron Allen, Isaac Aesili McNeil, Levani Vossasi, Lewis McCallum, and darling sweet and sexy vocalist Vanessa Kelly... fashion shows, sideshows, a weekly Velvet DJ showcase `ElbowFunk', radio shows and one of the most beautiful, up-for-it, well dressed and seriously lovely crowds of any event of the time. Careers were launched, stars were born, love-filled the air every single time. Anyone who was anyone in the Auckland house scene played at Velvet; Darryl Milne (RIP brother), Greg Churchill, Roger Perry, Tim Phin, a young vivacious Rachael Sabin, Mata, Andy Vann, Steve Steers, Manuel Bundy, Rob Knight, G-Spot, and so many more. The list goes on and on. To play for Velvet was a very sought after prize.

Velvet really was something else. Nothing else quite matched what we were doing at that time. Nothing else quite has since. Velvet was nothing short of New Zealand's very own Studio 54.

On November 30th, 2019 we celebrate 20 years since the Velvet legend was born.

We celebrate the friendships made and adventures we went on.


We also celebrate in loving memory the beautiful people who were a very big part of this who we have now lost: Glenn, Darryl, Soane, Stu, and Derek.  


This is a one-off show



Please join us and register your interest for tickets on our website

 - Full details will follow in the coming weeks. 



This will be the full Velvet `The Night Of Sumptuous Decadence' experience.


Expect incredible production, a stunning venue, a benchmark Velvet line up of legends and an ultra-special guest, plus all of you in all of your beauty and finery.


Sorry, your children can't come to this one




We have chosen Masquerade as our theme as that was one of the most memorable Velvet events ever... it was also the most outrageous! my oh my ;)

Full details coming including line-up, venue, show times and more.


"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."