Luxury Wedding in Mumbai Amidst Coronavirus

While mass events remain indefinitely suspended in India, Mumbai based event and media agency, Outcry Entertainment, had successfully executed a luxury wedding.

The idea of a “physically distanced wedding” started to take form when a distressed couple reached out to Outcry Entertainment to discuss their long-overdue wedding, upon which, the weddings team at Outcry promptly started to look for solutions to the challenges the pandemic posed to their wedding, and fulfill their client’s requirement of a safe yet luxurious affair. A first in the pandemic, a banquet hall in one of Mumbai’s finest 5-star hotels was chosen as the venue, keeping in mind the necessary safety measures that now needed to be optimized to successfully execute this wedding.

The team at Outcry was driven to keep alive the “larger than life” experience of Indian weddings without compromising on the safety of the attendees. Hence, they accordingly curated innovative ways to execute each function, paying attention to every small detail, monitoring, and identifying every touch-point thoroughly for health and safety measures. As a result – and so as to not compromise the safety of the hotel’s staff – the wedding guests found hand sanitizers placed at every checkpoint and masks distributed to them at the entrance of the venue.

A pre-wedding customized invitation video was designed by Mint Studio- VJ Nirav to fuel excitement and buzz among the invitees alongside declaring certain safety guidelines that were to be followed by the guests. The decor was designed by Outcry Entertainment’s wedding design team to fit the theme of a minimal-with-an-elegant-touch wedding; with a floral backdrop and a photo op setting specially customized on the same color palette and theme of the bride and groom’s outfits – every prop, every flower was sanitized, as well as the various set-ups as per the scheduled events of the day.

Finally, a decadent five-course meal, accompanied by token Indian street foods, successfully tied the whole experience of this lockdown wedding together.

“With Covid-19 bringing down most of the industry business and especially events, we managed to connect and fulfill the need of our client in one of the finest 5-star hotel venues in the city”, said Outcry Entertainment’s managing director, Saurabh Chaudhary. “As a part of the event industry, it is our responsibility to attend our client’s requirements during tough times and be at their service with the best of our abilities. As event managers are known for their quick problem-solving skills & creative approach in a challenging situation, it’s time to prove our skills by finding solutions for our industry”, he added.




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