Ali Saffudin’s EP ‘Home Recordings Vol.1’, Now Streaming!

Kashmiri singer-songwriter Ali Saffudin releases his back catalogue of singles in a compilation EP called ‘Home Recordings Vol.1’. Ali is known for his lovely blend of rock, blues and folk music. 


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All songs on Home Recordings Vol. 1 have been released in the form of videos and singles, with the addition of Sada e Rooh. Videos for many of these songs are also on Ali’s YouTube channel. His writing is centered around happenings in Kashmir, and the cycle of distraught the state is wound up in. A lot of his work is inspired by poets such as Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and he’s become extremely popular in Kashmir (and across the border) for releasing songs that keep the language and cultural history of the region alive, as well as speak about the current situation. 

Home Recordings Vol. 1  kicks off with Gah Chon, a song that was released with a music video in the summer of  2017. The track features sarangi player M. Iqbal Shah and bassist Ovais Ahmed. Roakh Posh is another folk highlight, three tracks in. One single Graduation Blues was released as part of Azadi Records’ Sound of Resistance Vol. 1 compilation in June, followed by the release of a lyric video. The song comes from Ali’s college days spent in Delhi, where he discovered the power of blues. Graduation Blues is followed by Nisar Teri Galiyon Mein, and new single, Sada e Rooh, touched with a few over-driven guitar melodies, leading into an upbeat percussive stretch on cajon. The 9-track long journey concludes with The Spring Song, ending on a positive note. This song, released earlier in April this year, asks people to be hopeful, strong and persevere in tough and trying times. 

While Ali’s music is mainly based on topics related to the beautiful valley of Kashmir, its people, and persistent injustices faced from political and social pressures, his compositions speak to people beyond borders. Ali once told The Indian Express that it is very difficult to stay positive in Kashmir. He also said, “The ’90s generation is a politically-aware generation, even if we don’t know the jargon. Being ignorant is not an option in Kashmir, you can’t live like that, the conflict in one way or the other will seep into you.” 

He, and many Kashmiri artists, rappers, and poets are speaking up. Popular among them are MC Kash and Ahmer Javed, two of Kashmir’s finest rappers. Their diligent efforts have always been seen in their work, and they’ve been vocal about the situation based on first-hand experience. 

Listen to Ali Saffudin’s Home Recordings Vol. 1 here –

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