Dhruv Visvanath’s Music Video for ‘Write’

Dhruv Visvanath is one of the most honest singer-songwriters to have emerged from India in recent times. His heartwarming mix of acoustic and indie music comes from having lived in many cities around the world in during the course of his childhood. His cumulative experiences from everyday life are what he speaks about in his music. 

Dhruv most recently released the music video for Write on 29th July. We thought we’d speak to him about the song and what he went through putting this one together.

He told us, “For me the song Write was a chance I’d taken to finish off the best of the unfinished ideas I’d had at the time. I was very frustrated, having gone through a period of writer’s block that lasted more than 2 years. I was frightened for myself, and thought that I was a fraud for being an artist and musician that could write a song. Once I’d finally managed to finish the song, it felt like a dam had burst, and that I was finally able to write again. And so I dedicated this song, to all the stories I’ve put together so far, and all those I’ve yet to write.” 


As for the video, Dhruv said, “In order to truly capture the sense of bringing words to life, I’d collaborated with a friend of mine, Aprajita Chowdhury, who is an excellent designer and artist. I’d been following her work for a while and I realized that she was the right person to champion the idea I had. Her work with lettering and visually astounding written spreads provided me with enough evidence to make a lyric video with her. And so over 6 weeks or so of going through multiple spreads and various designs, we ended up with a book filled with the lyrics of the song from start to finish. I’m thrilled with how it looks, and it feels like I’ve written the song all over again.”

Earlier on in Dhruv’s life as a musician, he was named one of the 30 Great Guitarists Under 30 in the world by Acoustic Guitar Magazine USA, alongside artists like Ed Sheeran and Newton Faulkner. Dhruv has released albums like Orion (2015) and The Lost Cause (2018) along with many popular singles like Wild and Dear Madeline. The combination of various elements in Dhruv’s songs form a simple, yet overwhelming experience for anyone listening to it, age no bar. Dhruv has also given no less as a live performer, who captivates audiences and lets their minds wander as his art unfolds.

Dhruv told Rolling Stone India earlier in April that he is going to put out releases song by song instead of plotting out an album that’s concept or story driven like The Lost Cause was. They added that he has enough material to release a song a month, for almost two years. We can’t wait to hear the next one!

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