Seedhe Maut Live Ft. Rebel 7 and Rawal

The Seedhe Maut Live show held on the 14th of August, 2020, was one for the books! With a line-up of some of India’s finest hip hop and rap artists, and a unique audience experience, we collaborated with Indian Independent Record Label, Azadi Records, to bring to you what we can only describe as a revolutionary step towards the future of virtual events.

For this one-of-its-kind event, our team at Ticket Fairy organized a sleek, effortless and truly unique user experience. The Seedhe Maut Live show took place on our website – here – with tickets going live no more than 5 days in advance!

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Users that purchased tickets were sent a unique private link. Upon signing up on this link using their registered IDs (created when a purchase is made), they were further directed to a landing page on which this live-streamed show took place. Seedhe Maut, live from his studio, participated in various activities during the show, while the audience had access to a custom live comments section – which, as it goes with any Seedhe Maut show, were blowing up with comments from fans based across the world.

Boasting a format that had everybody’s attention from the get-go, this talk-show cum concert, complete with drinking games and discussions about life and music, kicked off at 9:30pm IST and went on to deliver noteworthy performances and genuine entertainment. New Delhi based Rebel 7 and Rawal joined Seedhe Maut to put on a show that was long overdue )owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic), and boy did they deliver!

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Calm and Encore ABJ from Seedhe Maut on the live stream.

Starting off with introductions from Encore ABJ and Calm of Seedhe Maut, the show progressed to the first performance of the night by guest performer, Rebel 7. After this energetic performance, Seedhe Maut went on to an insightful interview Rebel 7, then invited their next performing guest, Rawal. The group engaged in interesting discussions about artists, music and even life! These discussions were teeming with entertainment just as much as they were with knowledge, with one such segment featuring what will now be our favorite drinking game! Seedhe Maut put together a set of quotes and had Rebel 7 and Rawal guess whether the quotes were said by rappers or by politicians. Way to keep the audience engaged, we know we were!Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 11.17.59 PM

Rawal’s Performance on the Seedhe Maut Live.Rebel 7 and Rawal are most definitely India’s finest, and their performances only further enforced this. Rawal’s taking 2020 by the horns with some new music coming out very soon, featuring producer Bharg. Keep your eyes and ears on this one!

The night came to a close with a smashing performance from Seedhe Maut, themselves – featuring all of their greatest hits and then some! They played MMM, Yaad and Do Guna, to name a few, and the comments section took on a life of it’s own. A notable mention goes out to the Seedhe Maut Nation (or super-fans of Seedhe Maut), who didn’t leave the live chat unattended even for a second! There was everything from adlibs and chants, song names, mass messaging song title ‘101’ when asked to, and using the gamer term OP as a prefix or suffix to their favorite rappers’ names, definitely one to add to India’s pop culture/slang term list. Seedhe Maut Nation is an entire vibe.

Meticulous months of planning went into The Seedhe Maut Live show, with the goal to go beyond just a live performance, with more fan engagement and no-holds-barred entertainment. The format was organized whilst keeping this in mind, to create more than just a seamless virtual event. Chock-full of creative entertainment, banging performances and unique mini-games, the planning of this grand event finally came to a close early in August of 2020. Azadi Records is already well-equipped to stage quality live performances, but want to push the boundaries of live entertainment. The show was, in the words of Azadi Records’ head of live operations Anurag Rao, a pilot for what we see will become the Seedhe Maut Show or SM TV. “We want Seedhe Maut to be able to do it from their space as well eventually, but we just need to figure out the appropriate tech and production to execute this seamlessly. It’s like a slicker version of the Son of Abish, but heavily focusing on music.” said Rao. 

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Calm and Encore ABJ from Seedhe Maut

When asked if they’re planning to do more of these live shows, a Prabh Deep show seems to be likely before the end of September. Azadi Records is currently looking at refining and making the experience the best possible, improving wherever they can in terms of packaging and production. When asked how the experience was running the show logistically, Rao added, “It’s like a running live conference or an award show on a software like WATCHOUT. You just need to have your eyes and ears open to make sure of cues and changeovers. For me, it was amazing because it was my first experience working on something live since the lockdown. It was the first live event we (Azadi Records) have done, and there’s a lot to learn in terms of how we could do better.”

Since we were curious to know about how viable this is when it comes to other musicians attempting high quality live streams, Rao mentions that anything is better than zero right now. This live show sold around 325 tickets at INR 200 (USD 3) per ticket. There were many bundles to go with the tickets too, so even with many different merchandise slabs including t-shirts and Seedhe Maut face masks, the maximum sold tickets on Seedhe Maut’s newly launched website were the ticket + t-shirt combo. Considering the show was ready and promoted for barely five days, the ticket sales seemed to be pretty fair.

We look forward to the next live gig with the Azadi Records team!


Feature image via the Seedhe Maut Live stream event on 14th August 2020.

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