Bombay Bassment’s Newest Single ‘Diggy Dance’

Four person band, Bombay Bassment, just recently released a new single called Diggy Dance, which premiered on the 15th of August 2020. With Levin Mendez as drummer, Ruel Barreto playing bass, Chandrashekar Kunder as producer and Bob Omulo as rapper, they introduce us to a mix of genres from, Hip-hop, drum’n’bass and elements of Funk and Reggae. 


Bombay Bassment has been producing uplifting music ever since the day they formed. Barretto says “ It emphasises nothing other than having fun while dancing.”  The band wanted to come up with easy dance moves in their new single so that anyone could replicate it. “ In Jamaican dancehall moves, the dance steps represent everyday actions like shampooing your hair or waving at a plane.” Barretto added “We’ve worked on those lines where we start with a move that represents fixing a light bulb and then fusing it with our very own local Marathi dance step, hence keeping our local flavor intact.” 

While shooting the music video, Bombay Bassment didn’t hire professional actors or models. Family, friends, neighbors, aunts and even their own mothers had center stage. “We wanted the video to be an expression of the love for dancing no matter what our appearances is because everyone deserves to enjoy life.” Said Barretto.


Bombay Bassment introduced a dance challenge in early August of 2020, to help spread the song. The asked viewers to upload a clip of them doing the “Diggy Dance” while using the song’s title as a hashtag, tagging the band and also tagging three friends. The winner of this challenge got to walk away with a cash price!

When it comes to the band’s plans for the future, they look to release more singles and possibly an EP in 2021.  “A video could also be on the horizon depending on how the pandemic turns out” says Barretto.

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