Seedhe Maut x Karan Kanchan – Dum Pishaach

On the 11th of September, Seedhe Maut and Karan Kanchan dropped their new single ‘Dum Pishaach’. The single is a hard-hitting sonic explosion that cements the duo as one of South Asian’s most exciting new prospects in alternative rock music.


About The Song 

Delhi-based hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut is back with a frenetic new single made in collaboration with Karan Kanchan. Titled ‘Dum Pishaach’, the single is a hard-hitting sonic explosion that cements the duo as one of South Asian’s most exciting new prospects and offers a deeper look into the (GullyGang-signed) composer & producer’s developing sound which is very much in demand at the moment. Dum Pishaach builds upon Seedhe Maut’s aim to launch an all-out assault on the Asian rap industry, cleverly using pop-culture touchstones such as the dementors from Harry Potter to reinforce their domination over the hip-hop scene since the release of their debut album Bayaan. Karan Kanchan, who has previously worked with artists such as Naezy, DIVINE and many many others, builds on his signature J-Trap sound and adds to the intensity of the track by including elements of nu-metal. Following the release of career-defining singles such as 101, Scalp Dem and MMM/Yaad – Dum Pishaach is a welcome addition to the duo’s already dense catalogue that has already played a pivotal role in defining the sound of Indian hip-hop. The artwork, made by frequent Seedhe Maut collaborator Santanu Hazarika, dives deep into both Seedhe Maut and Karan Kanchan’s love for anime and regional mythology.

About The Artists

Seedhe Maut – Seedhe Maut represents the next stage in the evolution of the capital’s hip-hop sound. Having mastered the art of delivering razor-sharp, combative and witty rhymes, the bilingual duo are following in the trailblazing footsteps of international hip-hop collectives such as Run The Jewels, Clipse, Black Hippy, Mobb Deep, Blackstar and more.

Their debut album Bayaan, made in collaboration with Sez On The Beat, earned widespread critical acclaim and has earmarked them as one of the acts to watch out for in 2019. Singles such as Shaktimaan and Kyu, who offer an insight into the frustrations of the Indian youth with the opportunities available to them, are staples across the country’s club circuit.

2020 has seen the duo take the industry by storm with scorching singles such as Scalp Dem, produced in collaboration with Delhi Sultanate and Jawan, MMM/YAAD, 101 and Do Guna adding to the duo’s already dense catalogue. 

With their sophomore album in the works plus collaborative projects with Ritviz and UK-based hip-hop pioneers Foreign Beggars on the way, Seedhe Maut is all set to deliver on its promise of being the breakout stars from the Indian hip-hop scene this year.

Karan Kanchan – A trap and bass music producer, the self-taught 22-year-old Mumbai-based producer and J-Trap ninja, Karan Kanchan’s music is heavily inspired by Wagakki instruments. Kanchan’s love for Japanese pop culture and music bleeds into his artistry, creating a style distinct from anyone else in India’s trap scene. Kanchan blends dynamic, dubstep trap with Japanese traditional instrumentals to create rolling, cinematic soundscapes.

 Having released his ruthlessly identifiable trap music on various global labels such as Otodayo Records, Safari Networks and Magic Music he has seen support from platform majors such as Trap City, Hybrid Trap, Global Trap and Thrash for most of his releases From his high energy mixes like ‘Kawaii Killer’, ‘Trap Bandit’, ‘Nuri’, ‘Toxic Tokyo’, ‘Dojo’, ‘No Serious’ in 2017 and ‘Kendo’, ‘Aatank’, ‘The Machine’, ‘Torii’ and ‘Tokyo Grime’ in 2018, he has worked alongside noteworthy acts like Valentino Khan, Natalia Nathan, Xenon Pheonix, Kalmi and ATliens. In 2019 he contributed to ‘Aane De’ in Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Gully Boy’ with his long-time collaborator Naezy and performed at Asia’s largest music festival, Sunburn. In

The same year, he also released ‘Black Belt’ and also got signed to DIVINE’s independent venture, Gully Gang Entertainment and contributed to the track ‘Gully Gang Cypher’ thereafter. 

2020 saw him releasing ‘Daruma Dub’, ‘Monogatari’ and ‘Sounds of Bedroom Producers Vol. 1’ as a free download with over 800 samples created by everyone from jazz-fusion artist Aditi Ramesh to hip-hop/electronic and trap-twerk artist Su Real, producer-DJ Sickflip, desi bass artist Paranox, hip-hop ace producer Sez On the Beat, Kolkata’s singer-producer Plastic Parvati and more. He also teamed up with DIVINE to produce for Project Salaam to support the frontline workers fighting COVID-19 Currently a co-founder of an electronica collective called Jwala and a gig series for bass music called Neckwreck Karan Kanchan, he has not only found his niche in blending Japanese sonic culture and trap music but also got tapped by rappers like DIVINE and Naezy.





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