PA System Debuts EP “On Days Like This”

Chennai based Indie Pop/Alternative new age band – PA System released their debut EP “On Days Like This” on September 4th. The five-piece band comprises Pratyush Shankar as vocalist and songwriter, Ashwin Iyer on keyboard and music producer, Hrday Sunil on guitars, Arvind Krishnan on drums, and Prashanth Venkat on Bass, all students of K.M Music Conservatory founded by A. R. Rahman. 

The three-track EP starts with two pre-released pieces “Save Me” and “She”. The sonically similar tracks are enriched with clean guitar and piano melodies tied together with a right kick of percussion. Vocalist Pratyush encapsulates the sombre approach in lyrics, about wanting to leave a space where it’s difficult to fit in, with his heartfelt voice. While “Save Me” showcases a mild-distorted guitar solo which elevates the overall melancholy of the song, “She” ends with an instrumentally built-up outro.

“Fair Weathered”, the third and final track on this EP, was entirely conceptualized, written, produced and recorded by the band from different cities during the quarantine period. It talks about “the people that stay with you when it suits them best. But it is in fact that you miss the most when they leave.” “On Days Like This” was crafted to recreate a live-performance atmosphere that they cherish and miss. 

The band cites Coldplay, Oasis, The Beatles etc as their influences, and this mutual fondness helped them come together to form PA System back in 2018. In their short music career, they released one original song titled The Song We Wroteand played at multiple renowned festivals in Chennai like The Covelong Festival as an opening act, the Global Isai Fest, and the Indie earth-sync exchange, as well as in venues such Russian Culture center and Phoenix Market City. They were the first runner ups of the Forum Rock On 2020. 



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