Paraj’s New Single ‘Familiar’

New Bangalore-based singer-songwriter on the block – Paraj Singh – released his latest single ‘Familiar’ from his upcoming EP Inara. While the EP and video for this single took some time in the making because of the pandemic’s restrictions, the song is out now, streaming on platforms worldwide. It is a lovely combination of feel-good parts combined with a pacing rock groove overlaid with warm vocal melodies. 


The song, as Paraj puts it, talks about passing people by on the way to a destination,  without any actual interaction even though we share a host of qualities similar to them. We are all bound to the same set of emotions,  those which we find around us, and also within ourselves eventually. Familiarity is one of those things we search for, love, comfort, companionship, among others. 

“This music video was pieced together out of pure longing for the great outdoors, to feel the Sun and the surf, to breathe fresh air in the middle of nowhere and to put quite simply, to travel again.” said a note under the video on Paraj’s YouTube. 

Image via Sharan Stories

Paraj debuted as a singer-songwriter only earlier this year with the single ‘Continue,’ which garnered positive responses from media and listeners alike. Paraj used to play guitar for Bangalore rock outfit Rainburn and is currently a part of Flaw & Order. An advertising professional by day, Paraj has taken his time trying to figure out what he’s wanted to do with life and discovered how passionate he was to make music over most everything else. He has been singing for only about 2-3 years since he started vocal coaching classes in Bangalore itself. He also discovered the power of songwriting when he sat down with his acoustic guitar, and music just flowed out of his conversation with the guitar. 

We look forward to hearing Inara when it’s out, and we wish Paraj the very best in his musical endeavors. His third single, Adrift, also premiered on 20th September via Skillbox.

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Feature image via Lekha Bhojan

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