Daira’s New Single ‘Basar’ Out Now!

This article talks about rock band Daira’s latest single Basar, which was released in late September. The song was released with a music video and is a refreshing take on the band’s sound that has evolved over several years of writing music and living together.

After what feels like a long time, Daira has put out a new single ‘Basar’ along with a music video. The song was released on 25th September 2020 and is available on platforms worldwide. The band seems to have gone with a more approachable sound on this one – with the track being an amalgamation of their up-tempo fun sound from their debut self-titled album (which was released on the same date five years ago), coupled with the more mature, progressive elements and tasty licks on their last albums.


Basar artwork by Revant Dasgupta

As said by the band themselves, Basar talks about finding that talent inside you, that X-Factor (haha Piyush pun), and taking it to the next level by achieving what you want in your own place in time, where you are revered for what you are. The song encourages people to keep stay on the right path without hesitation. “Since the inception of the band, we have been experimenting with our songwriting. With Basar, we approached a simpler songwriting process intending to reach out to a wider audience” says the band’s frontman and lyricist Piyush Kapoor. There’s also no ignoring that impressive minor note the song ends on, something very rarely seen in music in general. 

The music video for Basar features musicians from the Indian music scene such as singers Arunaja, Siddharth Basrur, 2Blue, and Anand Bhaskar, rappers MC Mawali and 100RBH from Swadesi, Daira’s extended family in Pritesh Prabhune (live sound engineer), WWE Sunday Dhamaal host and actor Sahil Khattar, and more. These friends are featured singing the chorus lines ‘Wahaan basar tu banaa, jahaan qadar ho teri wahaan’. The video reminisces Daira’s journey over the years during the instrumental section driven by a beautiful guitar melody, with snippets from their oldest shows from 2014 onward, even a few previous concerts of the artists independently. Basar has been mixed and mastered by Arsh Sharma (who you may know as FuzzCulture), who himself has been working on his third release. 

The last single released by Daira was called Habus Rah, a rewound version of their song Har Subah. The video was taken down from YouTube because of its use of footage from across India showing real footage of police brutality and inter-caste wars.

If you don’t know about Daira, they are an Awadhi art-rock band from Mumbai, India. All members of Daira besides the drummer Pratik Kulgod are from different parts of India – vocalist Piyush Kapoor and guitarist Shivam Pant are from Lucknow, while guitarist Vikalp Sharma is from Jaipur and bass player Sourya Mukherjee is from Kolkata. They all moved to Mumbai many years ago and formed the band here. Their influences lie heavily in rock n’ roll, blues, metal, and other forms of music, while their primary language of communication is Hindi, with the sparse usage of Urdu words and terms. The band has released three full-length albums so far – self-titled Daira, the avant-garde and experimental-as-hell album Vipreet Buddhi (one complete acid trip), and their most recent release Itni Jurrat? which stands as their most prominent sounding release yet. Their sound is unique, and they are one of the more underrated Indian bands to have come out from Mumbai so far. 

Download or stream Basar: https://lnk.to/Basar

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Feature image via Ashwyn Warrier

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