MC Mawali Slams It on ‘Shambar Bars’

This article highlights MC Mawali’s latest single ‘Shambar Bars’ released through Azadi Records earlier in October. It is the first Marathi hip hop track with 100 bars.

The new single by MC Mawali from conscious hip hop collective Swadesi called Shambar Bars or a Hundred Bars is the first Marathi hip hop track with 100 bars in it. Produced by fellow Swadesi member, the very talented BamBoy, this first-of-its-kind records also features Robston Soares on the didgeridoo. 

Shambar Bars is Mawali’s conversation directly with the people of Maharashtra. The song criticizes the rapid rate of commercialization in the Indian hip hop scene. Simultaneously, Mawali doesn’t fail to lay down a performance that stands out in delivery, and most importantly, poetically. We are now well aware of how Mawali has become one of the best songwriters and poets in the game. His words carry power, and the weight of repressed emotions that see the light of day through his conscious efforts. Through the track, he also exposes hidden agendas that have scaled up the issues that plague the state of Maharashtra and its citizens today.

A simple but engaging video through the environs of his city Mumbai shed light on everyday life while complementing the 100 Marathi bars that run on the screen throughout the song. The video was made by Ashwini Hiremath, who is also known by her rapper name Krantinaari. Shambar Bars was released on 2nd October 2020 and is available for download and streaming on all major platforms. 

This song is an addition to Swadesi’s extensive conscious hip hop catalog from over the years. Their hit single The Warli Revolt, which debuted in January 2019, began going viral in May-August 2020 on platforms like TikTok and WhatsApp because of the powerful chorus in Marathi. They also released their debut full-length album Chetavni in February 2020, featuring all emcees, including MC TodFod, 100RBH, Maharya, and producer/rapper BamBoy. Friends connected to the collective, like producers RaakshaS and NaaR, also make tracks for them. They’ve released two EPs Katal Kalaa and Khulle Naagde, with Gujarat-based bass music producer Bandish Projekt. Their open mindset brings a lot of opportunities for the collective to spread their message to the masses effectively, and they are at the fore of conscious music in the country right now. Their latest singles included Plandemic featuring MC TodFod, and Mahamaari featuring Maharya and MC Mawali. 


Listen to Shambar Bars here:

We look forward to more music from Swadesi, as always! 

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Feature image via Shambar Bars artwork by Ashwini Hiremath

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