Alemyim on Debut Single ‘Could I’ and Her Journey So Far

The north-eastern region of India has seen a plethora of talented musicians come into the limelight. The likes of blues-rock band Soulmate and indie-musician Taba Chake establishing their name across the nation have listeners delve more deeply into the lesser-known artists of the north-east. 

One such artist to look out for is singer-songwriter Alemyim, now based in Delhi but originally from Nagaland. The singer released her debut song ‘Could I in early October and has since received an overwhelmingly positive response to the track. 

In a brief exchange with Alemyim, she talks about the making of ‘Could I’, the arduous process of creating its music video, her musical influences, and some more insights into the singer’s life with The Ticket Fairy. 

Written in early 2019 and recorded in late 2019, ‘Could I’ has been a therapeutic process for the singer and it stood the test of time before finally being released on October 6th. Explaining the inspiration behind the song, Alemyim states, “It’s a song about an ethical dilemma I was having with myself last year. I wanted to ask myself if I, given a chance at power, would use it in a way I sometimes judge others for doing so.” 

“It was a chance to ask me to forgive myself for making mistakes but also hoping I could do better in the process. It sounds like a conversation with someone else but more importantly, it’s a conversation with myself and me wondering if I could be something better,” she adds. 

The accompanying experimental music video was shot & created by her cousin Tsungchilong Longchar which the singer describes as a “long process of trial and error” to make. Longchar learning software called ‘Blender’ acted as a pivotal decision for the two to visually experiment and push the limits to the best of their abilities. The final result was attained after weeks and months of incessant re-shooting and editing, it being the first try at creating a music video with ‘Blender’.

Primarily inculcating futuristic themes, the video also subtly depicts visuals of the ’90s as a tribute to the “kids (of that era) out there who are probably going through the same things we are going through at this point of time.”

Coming from a musically intertwined family whose quality time has always revolved around music, Alemyim has lent her ears to the music of all genres since a young age with no holds barred. She tries to incorporate this limitlessness of her musical interests by experimenting and not confining herself in one category. 

“Initially a big question I used to ask myself a lot was about what kind of genre would I want to fit into. I think instead of beating myself up about it, I want to create music that I would enjoy listening to at the end of the day and would be proud of (and not cringe over) say ten years from now.”

Alemyim cites H.E.R., NIKI, Clairo, HONNE, Frank Ocean, Amy Lee, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell as her influences – an array of artists, old and new, that molds her as a musician now. “I really appreciate artists that curate music that are honest with themselves,” she says, as it coincides with her goals to reflect her future work with the “same value as well as being an expression of myself in the truest form.” 

When asked about artists she would like to collaborate with, Alemyim mentions her big dream to work with HONNE as it integrates with affection for electronic music, as well as musicians from her native place Nagaland. 


Besides performing in competitions during her schooling and college years, live shows have been infrequent for Alemyim who rediscovered her love for singing while performing at her local church in Mokokchung in Nagaland. This rediscovery arose a hope of wanting to perform more in the future, now naturally after the devastation of COVID-19 dwindles. 

COVID-19 and the subsequent confinement was a humbling and eye-opening experience for the singer, which helped her take some time out and discover herself to express her better as an artist. 

“The overuse of the internet has also made it nice to know we’re not the only ones going through tough times. I know that the things that I’m going through personally – discontentment, doubt, euphoria – are emotions so many others out there are going through as well. Hopefully, I can make music that helps capture those emotions and maybe it resonates with some people out there.”

Alemyim has a few songs ready to be recorded, when that’s done we might soon get an EP from the singer that assuringly will be as splendid and lucid as ‘Could I’, if not more!



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