Handpicked Music Releases: December 2020 (India)

2020 comes to an end! Every month, we’re going to put out a list of the best Indian music to have come out in that month. 

While we’ve had quite an exhausting year working around the pandemic, there’s been an influx of music that’s made consumers crazy! There’s always so much to listen to, and it can be quite confusing if you’re not sure what mood you’re in. It’s always a good time to experiment with genres and listen to music from different parts of the world. But before we take on that, here are some homegrown recommendations of releases by Indian artists. Do you have these in your playlists? Have you heard them? Let’s hope you find something you will absolutely love from our list. Genre no bar, from singer-songwriters to heavy metal! 

Manas Jha – Curtains
This lovely song and video tell a love story of two introverts, who find themselves somehow. Mustering the courage to step out and express what they’d both felt, Curtains is Manas Jha’s debut as an artist. Turns out the tale of Curtains is a real story based on his life and how he met his wife Preeti. 17 years have passed, and they are now happily married for the past 9 years. 


Tienas – For Sale?
Hip hop
Tienas never fails to deliver a good piece of work. His four-track EP For Sale? Is the second of his long releases this year, having dropped his sophomore album Season Pass earlier in June. The EP has catchy choruses and a perfect blend of only bangers. Here’s a video for the song Oh My Lord from the EP, talking about sexual harassment at workplaces, featuring comedian Aishwarya Mohanraj. Artist Originals also released lyric videos for each of the other songs. Listen to the full EP here


Lateral – Misuse My Issues (featuring Andrea Tariang)
I’ve known the Barooa brothers for many years now, through their band Lucid Recess. They now together have this live electronica act called Lateral, and they’ve always had a way with melodies and composing songs. Adding a phenomenal singer like Andrea Tariang to this track just enhanced what they already had going on! I don’t want to spoil it too much more, but you’re going to want to listen to this one, probably with a coffee by the window at dawn.


Inner Sanctum – Divided by Hate
This song happens to be Inner Sanctum’s first release in the past five years and their first official music video. Divided by Hate is a single that speaks about the constant socio-political turmoil in our country. They’re one of the bands who’ve taken stances against governments who delve in divisive politics from across the globe. The video will also raise a few brows, having done a beautiful job with this package of song and video. Fans of heavy metal will dig this one!


Cryosis – You Make Me
This trio from Mumbai has been grinding hard, putting out some of the best-produced music, along with well-executed videos for each of these. Their latest single You Make Me draws inspiration from Western, Country, Pop and Electronic music, making for quite a catchy track overall. They don’t get the attention they deserve in India, yet, so you should definitely check out more of their music!


Temsu Clover – Blue
I happened to stumble upon this song through a list of releases I was going through, and it took me by surprise. Nagaland-based singer Temsu’s soothing voice over this laidback pop track throws you into a field of flowers on a pleasant afternoon, just like in the video! Blue is one of Temsu’s first few releases and the one that’s garnered maximum attention so far. I look forward to hearing more from her! 


Johah Pamei – My Fall
You wouldn’t expect to hear the voice you’re going to hear. For an artist who was primarily doing covers on YouTube, he started releasing singles much later. I first discovered this singer-songwriter from Manipur in one of those cover videos, to later find he’d been uploading a few songs. Since I don’t listen to so much singer-songwriter music, I wouldn’t be able to say who he sounds like to give any kind of familiarity. But you should definitely check out his latest single
My Fall.


There were many wonderful releases this month, and we’ll keep bringing lists like these to you every month. Stay tuned for more music recommendations, and so much more coming your way in 2021. Wishing you compliments of the season! 



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