Get to Know Adi Verma, Producer-Songwriter From Bhopal

Rising amongst Bhopal’s thriving independent music scene is 19-year-old Adi Verma, a multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Producer, and Songwriter. Adi established himself as an artist to look out for with the release of his debut release ‘Raahi’, a slow melodious track that portrays a struggle experienced in relations and life. 

At an early age, Adi found music to be a way of expression. Music for him, as a whole, symbolizes hope and strength, bestows power and motivation to push his limits, and inspires him to find light in the darkest of days. His musical journey ranges across instruments. By his early teenage years, Adi picked up Drums (his primary instrument), Tabla, Cajon, Bongo, Congo, and Piano. At the age of sixteen, he was the youngest member of a rock fusion band ‘Riyaaz’, and in the span of two years, they participated in numerous competitions and performed at various open mics.

For his academic venture, he tried to pursue a degree in BBA (Hons) at Christ University, Bangalore. But nothing could keep him away from his passion for music. What resulted was him dropping out from college within two months and join the True School of Music, Mumbai to pursue a Dual Major degree in Music production and Drums.

Get to know Adi Verma’s rollercoaster-y ride as he shares his experiences with The Ticket Fairy. 

THE TICKET FAIRY – You recently released your debut single ‘Raahi’, what inspired you to write and compose the song?

‘Raahi’ is a product of my personal experience, which I’m sure resonates in all our lives. As we go through life, we come across difficulties not just in relationships but also in all our endeavors. ‘Raahi’ captures the complexities of relationships and the emptiness they leave in their passing, allowing one to move away from the incomplete paths of life. The deep melodies in ‘Raahi’ cleverly allow you to navigate through the deepest emotion of pain and loss giving you the strength to let go and the soothing music allows one to dwell and come to terms with the incomplete encounters of life.


Share with us the experience of collaborating with Ram Mahanujan and Saransh Shukla, what prompted you to collaborate with them?

Collaborating with Ram and Saransh was an amazing experience. Ram’s vocal texture was perfect for my song and Saransh is a really good guitarist. We’re all good friends and we also study in the same Music College.


You said you are part of a band, tell us about it and what role do you take on in it?

I was the youngest member of a rock fusion band ‘Riyaaz’ and I was the drummer of the band. We performed at various open mics and college fests. We also won the ‘Battle of Bands’ in IIM (Indian Institutes of Management) Indore in 2018 and MANIT (Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology) 2018.


Tell us what got you into music?

Honestly, I was just naturally inclined towards music and my parents really supported my passion. They’re the main reason that I’m able to pursue music as a career today.

Adi Verma.

Adi Verma.

When did you figure out why you needed to pursue music as your career?

As a kid, I was really curious and I always wondered how a song that I hear on the radio was made. Like, what is the process, how do you start doing it, and all those silly questions, This was also the time I started to develop an interest in learning my first instrument ‘Tabla’. After that, in my early teens, I was performing with a lot of musical groups and bands across Bhopal. I was in love with the energy, the excitement, and the nervousness that surrounds you while you’re on stage performing and I felt some kind of connection with Music. It has always been an outlet of emotions for me and it also motivates me to push my limits. That is when I decided that I want to do music for the rest of my life.


Who are some of your musical influences?

My musical influences range across different genres, I listen to a lot of Jazz, Metal, Indie pop, Alt-rock, and Hip Hop. Some of my favorite Artists/Bands are – Tigran Hamasyan, Art Blakey, Buddy Rich, Taba Chake, Anuv Jain, and Divine.


What are you working on right now? Will we see an EP or more singles?

I spend most of my time practicing and yes, of course, I’m also working on my songs. I’ll be releasing a few more singles in 2021 and then I plan to release an EP. 


This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


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