Handpicked Music Releases: January 2021 (India)

We’ve started the year on high notes already with some stunning Indian releases that have been topping the charts last month. Here are a few releases from January we thought you might find interesting! 

January saw two EPs – one called Strange Cities by electronica artist and musician FuzzCulture, along with the debut of music composer and producer Shezan Shaikh’s synth-wave music project Ronin through which he released Kyoto Inferno. We’re also going to check out some quality hip hop and pop from Frequency Time Space who released their 31st December 2020 An Envelope for the third year now, bringing out the sensibilities of each of the collective’s rappers and producers.


Nikhil D’souza – Woh Raat

In this new single, Nikhil D’souza talks about how we use words, the weight they carry and how we need to take a minute and sort situations out before it’s too late. Woh Raat follows the success of his 2 EPs launched last year and his recent collaborative effort with singer Nikitaa. Listen to Woh Raat on Spotify here – Woh Raat – song by Nikhil D’Souza | Spotify


FuzzCulture – Strange Cities

FuzzCulture’s sound has constantly been evolving, and this EP is a show of exactly that. Opening the sound to a wider audience this time, the main man behind FuzzCulture, Arsh Sharma, creates a simple yet groovy narrative to his time coming to a new city like Mumbai, but like you’ve never heard him before. With music videos for songs Nicotine and title track Strange Cities, the EP is a fun mix of super-catchy pop melodies and thumpy hooks, and a polished finished product mixed and mastered by Arsh himself. Listen to Strange Cities – @fuzzculture | Linktree

Ronin – Kyoto Inferno

Synthwave, Electronica

In our recent conversation, we spoke about music composer and producer Shezan Shaikh’s debut EP, which has been quite a treat for most, taking critics and listeners alike for an evening ride during sunset by the sea! You can’t help imagine the many visuals that come to mind when hearing this 4-track EP, and that’s the beauty of good music. Ending with a bonus remix of the title track Kyoto Inferno, the EP is Shezan’s first solo music release, and also the first release since his former metal band Providence put out music. Listen to Kyoto Inferno here – @Ronin7 | Linktree


FTS – 31st December 2020, An Envelope
Hip hop/Pop

These boys always take me by surprise. If there’s quality hip hop blending English and Hindi without a fuss, there’s Frequency Time Space. The whole ‘Envelope’ as it’s called, and not an EP, is a collection of songs from FTS members, including the first track Smoking Room which features all emcees. With the majority of production by their newly inducted producer Zero Chill, the EP is a fine balance of all elements each of the crew members has to bring to the table. Each member has now come to identify their strong points, and it’s surely going to take them a long way from this release. Star mark these words! Listen to this release – https://flow.page/frequencytimespace


GrooveBot – Gentle Scars ft. Siddharth Basrur
Industrial Rock/Metal

Nu/Industrial metal outfit GrooveBot, which is the brainchild of Paradigm Shift guitar player Chinmay Patkar, just released his second single featuring the amazing voice of singer and composer Siddharth Basrur. Titled Gentle Scars, the track is reminiscent of harsh 90s rock and early 2000s nu-metal vocals layered over guitars and a variety of synths. Just as his name suggests, it’s a production of grooves put together in a solid track, with a stunning lyric video created by Dark Matter aka Ronen Samson using the esteemed Unreal Engine. Check the video out today. Listen on Apple Music – https://music.apple.com/in/album/gentle-scars-feat-siddharth-basrur-single/1549875361



Manas Jha – Nukkad Closed ft. Keshav Dhar


Manas Jha brings varied influences to this new single, completely different from his single Curtains, which was featured in our Handpicked Releases last month. Nukkad Closed also features award-nominated guitarist and producer Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor) on guitars. The best part about Manas’ songwriting is how he draws inspiration from real-life stories and heroes around us. This song is about and is dedicated to Garima Kothari, a real-life hero who owned a little restaurant in the US. She met with an unfortunate death, but her tales and life will live on amongst the people she inspired. 



Stay tuned for more music recommendations, reviews, and much more coming up this year from independent Indian musicians and songwriters.

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