Temsu Clover Talks About ‘Blue’, Lyricism, Artistry and More

In 2019, Temsu Clover knocked down the internet with a feather when she released her debut hit single Confessions of a Bipolar Mind, for which she was awarded the Best Upcoming Artiste at the 11th Music Awards of Nagaland. Temsukala Lemtur, more popularly known as Temsu Clover, is a singer/songwriter from Dimapur, Nagaland. She is already one of Nagaland’s distinguished Indie artists to look forward to!

Following the success of ‘Confessions of a Bipolar Mind’, Temsu collaborated with notable artists from India on Philophobiaand Take My Time (A lockdown project) with various artists from Nagaland, regularly puts out several originals on Soundcloud, and also freshly released her newest track ‘Blue’ which has amassed nearly thirty thousand views! She is concurrently studying for a degree, in addition to creating enthralling music that resonates with her audience. The Ticket Fairy had a quick chat with Temsu Clover to talk over the exceptional feat in her musical career.

THE TICKET FAIRY – How has your journey been from releasing ‘Confessions of a Bipolar Mind’ to ‘Blue’

Till now, the experience is wild. I mean, people appreciating the art I am putting out means so much. And that motivates me to keep contributing to the arts!


How did ‘Blue’ come about? Please share with us the response you got since releasing it.

‘Blue’ is really special to me for a lot of reasons. The lyrics and melody lines, they all came from a very personal space. And the people I met along the way because of this song. I got to meet and make really cool friends. From the videographers whose names are Asemyouba and Saiba to the producer Vitz Zhimo who made it all happen. And yes, totally not forgetting about the musicians namely Akok Pongener, Imti Imchen, and Imrong without whom the song wouldn’t be here.

The response I got from the listeners were all positive and the DM’S I received from them really encouraged me to do more of what I do! That is to make music.

The themes of mental health have been recurrent in both your releases, what message do you wish to get across from them?

For me, I like to put out expressions for people in my writings who can’t do it themselves or are searching for something to find an escape. And that’s what I want my music to be for others. 


You have talked about having a musically rich family background, how did that help shape your artistry?

From classic rock songs to the old country blues, I would sway along with them in my undies as a kid (laughs). Growing up in that kind of environment, you just get attached to it you know. And one of the reasons why I love music not as a musician or a writer but as a listener first.


How would you describe the music you create – are there artists/bands who influence your sound?

This question is hard (laughs) because there are so many artists and bands I listen to and get inspiration from. But if I were to pick specifically, I would choose John Lennon and John Mayer. I love their writings!

You recently collaborated with some of Nagaland’s best musicians on ‘Take My Time’, tell us how it all went about!

That is one of my ‘It’ moments! I got to sing with some of Nagaland’s best musicians! And because of this, I got to learn and experience the things I haven’t known before. 


You also did a cover of Beabadoobee’s ‘Coffee’ with COVER4K, how did it go?

The production team of Cover4k is really cool! They have the best recording and videography team and we had a really fun time recording and shooting the Music Video. Been a great experience with this one as well. 

Upcoming projects in the pipeline? 

Yes, many projects are cooking! I can’t promise it’s coming anytime soon (laughs) but hopefully, I get to fulfill all of them and share more art with the world.


This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


Find Temsu Clover Online:  YouTube | SpotifyInstagram | Soundcloud


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